Update to gFM-Business 4.1 with some new features

gFM-Business 4.1 ERP-Software mit CRM, Warenwirtschaft und FakturaToday we have updated all versions of the gFM Business ERP software to version 4.1. The new version contains many minor new features and bug fixes, especially in the new email client. The new version contains new batch functions in the e-mail client with which several marked messages can be simultaneously set to read or unread or manually assigned to a customer. The receipt of e-mails could be somewhat accelerated in the new version. Due to a data change, the update of exchange rates via the ECB server no longer worked in the previous version – this problem has been fixed in the current version.

Starting with version 4.1, the gFM-Business Free and Basic invoicing programs contain a connection to any PDF printer driver and now offer the new functions “Send as PDF” and “Send all as PDF” in all invoice document types. gFM-Business 4.1 is now available for download and is free of charge for all gFM-Business 4.x users. An upgrade from a previous version can be purchased in our online shop at a discounted upgrade price.

New batch functions in the e-mail client

In the previous version of the e-mail client, several messages could be marked in order to move all marked messages to another folder. gFM-Business 4.1 offers several additional functions that can be applied to all marked messages. This means that several messages can now be marked as read or unread or assigned to a customer at the same time.

E-Mail-Client mit Batch-Funktionen für markierte Nachrichten

As soon as one or more e-mail messages have been selected, the following functions appear in the results line at the bottom of the screen, which can be applied to all selected messages:

  • Remove Marker – removes all markers to mark new messages
  • Unread – sets the read status of all marked e-mail messages to [Unread].
  • Read – sets the read status of all marked e-mail messages to [Read].
  • > Customer – is used to assign all marked messages to a specific customer. The customer number can be selected or entered manually.

In gFM-Business 4.1, an e-mail message can also be set to “unread” in the detail window via the toolbar.

The function for deleting messages has been optimized in the e-mail client. From now on not only one e-mail can be deleted, but also all marked e-mails. After clicking on the [Delete] function in the toolbar, a corresponding query appears.

The [Send Now] and [Draft] functions were incorrect up to the previous version and were corrected in gFM-Business 4.1.

gFM-Business free and Basic with PDF printer driver

The invoice program gFM-Business free (and Basic) can now be used together with any PDF printer driver as before in the Light version. In this context, the following new functions are available in the billing document in all document types:

  • Send by e-mail – Creates a new e-mail in the mail client with the called document as a PDF file. The e-mail can then be further processed and sent.
  • Send All – Sends all documents called up by e-mail. The generated e-mails are not sent immediately and are stored in the [Outbox] folder. With the command [Send] in the e-mail client, the generated documents can be sent collectively after creation.

Installation and setup of a PDF printer driver

The setup of a PDF printer driver in gFM-Business free and Basic is basically done as follows in the same way as in gFM-Business Light and consists of the following steps:

Installing a PDF printer driver on your Mac or PC

Install a PDF printer driver such as PDF writer (for macOS) or PDF24 (for Windows) on your computer and, if necessary, set up an appropriate printer in your system. It is best to test the new printer with another software beforehand by saving a document with the printer driver as a PDF file. Check the printer driver directory to see if a new PDF document has been stored there. By default, PDFwriter stores the documents under the following path:


With the Windows counterpart PDF24, the folder in which the PDF documents are to be saved can be freely selected.

Setting up the PDF printer driver in gFM Business

To set up the installed PDF printer driver in gFM-Business, start the gFM-Business invoicing program and navigate to the menu item [Settings > Defaults > Devices].

PDF-Druckertreiber in gFM-Business einrichten

In the first step, update the list of installed printers with the button at the top right of the printer list. In the [PDF Printer] box, select the installed PDF printer driver. In the [Path] field, also enter the storage path where the PDF printer driver will store newly created documents. With the button in front of the field you can set this folder with a selection dialog.

Optimizations and error corrections

In the CRM module [Customers], the [Contact Persons] area was optimized. In the portal for contact person, an additional field for a mobile phone number is now available. Freely definable fields are now added via a new button, which is marked red as soon as data has been entered in a freely definable field. In gFM-Business free/Basic an error with the function [Send E-Mail] was corrected.

Prices were not entered correctly in the billing document if several articles with foreign currencies were inserted into a document at the same time. In addition, the display of documents in foreign currencies in the list view of the CRM module [Customers] has been optimized. All receipts are now automatically converted into euros.

In the module [Correspondence] the sorting order in the portal [E-mails] was corrected – before the second sorting criterion was missing descending by time. In the previous versions, only the first file attachment was inserted into the new e-mail using the [Send by e-mail] function – in gFM-Business 4.1 this now also works with several file attachments.

gFM-Business Unternehmenssoftware

gFM-Business 4.1 Version History

  • Settings: ECB currency update corrected
  • E-mail: Optimized window update when receiving emails.
  • E-mail: The function “Save as draft” was incorrectly labeled.
  • E-mail: Function “Send immediately” corrected.
  • E-mail: Delete function in the e-mail module optimized. function is now coupled with the marking function in order to be able to delete several e-mails in one work step.
  • E-mail: Menu bar optimized.
  • E-mail: New batch functions “Read” and “Unread” with buttons in the result line for setting the read status of several marked e-mails in one step.
  • E-mail: New batch function for assigning multiple marked e-mails to a customer. Bottom popover instead of SF with pop-up list for customer ID, then button “Assign”. and “Cancel”.
  • E-mail: New function “Remove marker” with button in the result line for removing markers in e-mails.
  • E-mail: New button [Unread] in detail view of an e-mail to set the mail status to unread again.
  • Billing document: Insert items in documents with item selection and corrected in foreign currency.
  • Billing Document/Customer: Currency conversion to master currency corrected to list view.
  • Free/Basic: PDF printer driver integration in gFM-Business free and Basic. New functions “Send by e-mail” and “Send all by e-mail” in invoice: offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes and reminders.
  • Correspondence: If there were several attachments in the document, only the first attachment was transferred to an e-mail.
  • Correspondence: Portal sorting in [Correspondence > E-mails]: Time added in descending order.
  • Customers: Send e-mail” function still used system e-mail client in gFM-Business free/Basic.
  • Customers: Portal optimized on layout [scr.clients_contacts] in register [contacts]. Fields rearranged, field [Mobile] added, title of Popover corrected for freely definable fields. Added conditional formatting key for free fields.
  • Light: Function “Send by e-mail” in connection with PDF printer driver corrected.
  • Light: Error during registration of the software under Windows corrected.
  • Onlineshop interface: Function “Connection test” in online shop interface extended. If any errors occur, the returned error message is now also displayed.
  • Update: Fixed an error when importing emails from previous version

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