gFM-Business 4.3 with some new features released.

gFM-Business 4.3 ERP-Software für Mac, PC und iOSToday we released the updated version 4.3 of our gFM Business ERP software. The new version contains some new features, optimizations and bug fixes. With the new phonetic quick search you can find your desired data even faster. Simply dictate to the software what you are looking for, e.g. “Show all customers from 2018”. gFM-Business 4.3 contains some optimized masks and lists in the invoice and in all email lists. As part of the REST API interface for online shops, a customer data record can now also be entered in the CRM for a guest order (currently only applies to WooCommerce online shops). File attachments can now be saved either as a file within the database or just as a reference. The dialog for entering new document items has been optimized in the billing document. The “Invoice” print layout now contains the VAT ID of the relevant customer, if this has been maintained.

Phonetic quick search in all list views

All list views of gFM-Business now include the new phonetic quick search. This supports as before the input of any search terms and from now on also the dictation of search queries as a formulated sentence. The dictation function is based on Siri and is currently only available for macOS.

Einstellung von Tastenkombination für Diktate

To activate the dictation function of the phonetic quick search, select in the mask [Settings > Preferences > Devices] under the option “Key combination for dictations” which key combination is used to start dictations on your Mac. You can set your Mac in System Preferences under [Keyboard > Dictation].

Phonetische Schnellsuche in einer Listenansicht

If phonetic quick search is activated under [Settings > Preferences > Devices], a microphone symbol appears in front of the search field in each list view, with which the dictation function of macOS can be activated. As a result You simply dictate your search query as a normal sentence. Examples of such search queries can be found in the Info-Popover to the right of the search field. Phonetic quick search is suitable for simple search queries, but cannot replace more complex search queries. Perform complex searches as usual in the Form Views, where you can search in all visible fields.

REST API: Enter customers from guest orders

Within the framework of the REST-API interface, guest orders (orders without registration in the online shop) from WooCommerce online shops can now optionally also be registered as customers. Previously, only the corresponding document (order or invoice) was entered when a guest order was transmitted, but not the customer. For further correspondence with the customer, however, it can be helpful if the customer is also entered for a guest order. The option to enter guest orders as customers is now available under [Settings > Online Shop].

Save file attachments as file or reference

For all file attachments in gFM-Business (customers, correspondence, projects, invoices), you can now specify whether the file itself or only a reference to the file is to be saved in gFM-Business. This setting can be made under [Settings > Defaults > Devices].

With the [Database] setting option, the attachment file is also saved in gFM Business. If the file itself is moved or deleted later, for example, at the place of origin, it is still in the gFM-Business database. With the [Reference Only] option, only the reference to the file is saved. If the file is later moved or deleted at the place of origin, it can no longer be opened in gFM Business.

VAT ID on invoice print layout

In all versions of gFM Business there is in version 4.3 The VAT ID of the corresponding customer on the invoice form, if this has been maintained in the customer data record. This field could be easily placed on the print layout in previous versions of FileMaker Pro and has been standard on the print layout since gFM Business 4.3.

Optional bundle with FileMaker Pro Advanced

Purchase one or more additional licenses of FileMaker Pro Advanced with the gFM Business ERP software at an affordable bundle price as a purchase license. The optional FileMaker Software Bundle includes one year of software maintenance including all updates and upgrades. So you’ll usually receive the latest version of FileMaker Pro Advanced and, once released, the next.

Use FileMaker Pro to run a multi-user license of gFM Business on a network on Mac or Windows computers. With FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can customize and extend your print layouts in all versions of gFM Business. With a customizing license, FileMaker Pro Advanced allows you to customize and extend screen masks and list views, and with an open license, you can customize and extend all of your ERP software. FileMaker Pro Advanced also enables you to develop your own database solutions to manage any data that can also access data from gFM business. All licenses of gFM-Business allow access to all data tables of external FileMaker solutions. Use your own FileMaker solutions to process data from gFM business or to transfer any data into gFM business, for example from other databases or applications.

FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 in the online shop

FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server as a purchase license

FileMaker Pro Advanced + FileMaker Server BundleFor FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server with gFM Business can be purchased as an affordable bundle for workgroups of five or more concurrent accesses. FileMaker Server allows secure sharing of gFM business and other FileMaker databases on the network or over the Internet. The software automatically provides backup schedules and many other features that facilitate the sharing of databases on the network or Internet.

The software bundle with FileMaker Server 17 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 with five simultaneous accesses is available for a one-time purchase price of 1,999 euros. Further accesses can be booked individually at a surcharge of 299 Euro each.

FileMaker Pro Advanced + Server 17 Bundle in Online Shop

Version history of gFM-Business 4.3

  • Solution-wide: Phonetic quick search integrated in all list views.
  • Article: Summations of parts lists, combination items and accessories corrected, number was not taken into account.
  • File attachments: You can specify whether the file attachment is to be saved in the database or by reference.
  • Print layouts: VAT ID integrated on print layout “Invoice”, is only displayed if VAT ID contains a value in the customer.
  • Billing document: Optimized display of due date in invoice list. Only displayed in red for invoices that have not been paid in full and the due date has passed.
  • Billing document: Calculation of the total of open invoices optimized. Value is added only when Payment Status is not set to Paid.
  • Invoice: After duplicating a paid invoice, the payment status of the duplicated invoice is removed.
  • Invoice: Optimization of all popover windows to add new article positions. When entering free articles, the Price is not overwritten by an empty value if the number in the popover window is changed.
  • Billing document: The vendor’s price scale was not taken into account if an item number was changed manually in the document.
  • Invoice: If only “Paid” is clicked, the software automatically enters the current date and the margin amount.
  • Billing document, invoice list: Popover “Data import” is now also available in list view. All amounts are displayed in the respective currency of the invoice.
  • Main menu: Total amounts of dunning levels 1 and 2 in foreign currencies are now converted into euros and displayed.
  • Correspondence: Fixed display error where emails from IMAP accounts were not displayed under [Correspondence > Emails].
  • Mail: Customer assignment is now also possible for plain text e-mails in the detail view.
  • Mail: Optimized sorting order in all list views for e-mails (descending by date and time)
  • REST API: In the REST API you can now set whether a customer is entered as a customer for a guest order. Currently only relevant for WooCommerce.
  • Update: Short notes will be taken into account during the update and transferred from the old version.

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