Limited number of FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 licenses available.

ERP-Software erweitern mit FileMaker Pro (Advanced)We currently have a limited number of FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 licenses in stock. As the FileMaker 18 Platform has already been released, the buyer will receive a license key for FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 and their installation programs. FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 runs on the Mac starting with macOS 10.12 “Sierra”, while the newer version 18 requires at least macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”. FileMaker Pro 17 can therefore also be used on older operating systems. Once the available licenses are sold out, only one license key for FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 will be shipped.

The gFM Business ERP software can be used with both FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 18. To purchase a bundle license of FileMaker Pro 17 and 18 Advanced, a valid license of gFM-Business Basic, Light or Professional is required.

FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 bundled available in limited quantities

We currently have a limited number of FileMaker 17 licenses in stock that can be purchased in conjunction with a valid gFM Business license. If a gFM Business License is not yet available, FileMaker Pro Advanced 17/18 can be purchased with the gFM Business License order.

If a valid license of the gFM-Business ERP software already exists, you can use the bundle order as single product. Please enter the serial number of your gFM Business license in the “Remarks” field so that your order can be processed correctly.

All data without guarantee and valid only as long as the products mentioned are available in stock. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the products not being delivered or not being delivered in the desired quantity. can be delivered.

FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced as low-cost purchase license with gFM Business

Only under a valid license of gFM-Business ERP software or gFM-Dental, FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced can be used for purchase price of 299,00 Euro plus 19% VAT per license. The FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced license includes one year of software maintenance, usually in upgrade to the next version of FileMaker.

This license is particularly suitable for small businesses that want to customize their print layouts and/or operate a multi-user license of gFM-Business in peer-to-peer sharing for three to four users in the network. Networking requires a FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced license on each Mac or Windows workstation.

FileMaker Pro Advanced is the tool you use to create your own app. You can use FileMaker Pro Advanced to access your app on a Windows or Mac computer, start importing data from a spreadsheet, or use one of the built-in starter apps to manage contacts, assets, meetings, and more. Or even rebuild a new app from the beginning.

FileMaker Pro Advanced includes a set of advanced tools to help you quickly and easily design and develop your own apps. In addition, you get convincing analysis functions, powerful diagnostic tools and much more.

gFM-Business ERP-Software for macOS, Windows and iOS

After registration, the freeware version gFM-Business free can be used indefinitely for up to 100 data records per module. The range of functions is identical to the single-user version of href=””gFM-BusinessBasic, which can be purchased at the price of 199 Euro* and is not subject to any restrictions. gFM-Business Basic 4.0 is also available as a multi-user license for use with FileMaker on the network.

gFM Business Light the single-user version of gFM-Business Professional is available as an app solution at a price of 399 Euro*. The single-user version of the database solution gFM Business Professional is available at the price of 599 Euro**. The multi-user license of gFM-Business Professional 4.0 is available at a price starting at 999 Euro**. All prices plus FileMaker licenses, if applicable.

gFM-Business Custom contains a user account for editing all screen masks and list views with FileMaker and can optionally be extended by us with additional fields and functions. gFM-Business Custom Basic is available as a single-user version at the price of 699 Euro**, as a multi-user license from 999 Euro**. gFM-Business Custom Professional is available as a single user version at the price from 1.499 Euro**. available as multi-user licensefrom 1.999 Euro**.

As an open license, gFM-Business includes an administrator user account for the adaptation and extension of the entire software. The open license of gFM-Business Basic is available as multi-user license from 2,999 Euro**, from gFM Business Professional from 5.999 Euro**.

*All prices plus 19% VAT.
** All prices plus 19% VAT, including 5-user license of the MBS FileMaker Plugin (full version, can be used with own solutions)

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