gFM-Business 4.5 exclusively at the FileMaker conference

Vorstellung von gFM-Business 4.5 auf der FileMaker Konferenz 2019 From October 16 to 19, 2019, we will exclusively and personally present our new multilingual version of the gFM Business ERP software to all visitors of the FileMaker Conference 2019 in Hamburg. The new version will be released in early November 2019. gFM-Business 4.5 supports the use of multiple languages in the user interface and in all print layouts. Regardless of the language set for the ERP system, users can also use the software in a different language or create documents in a different language.

Unterstützung von bis zu acht Sprachen

gFM-Business Light and Professional 4.5 support the use of German, English and French. gFM-Business Custom Professional and the open license contain in the settings a new menu item [Languages] in which all texts of the application and print layouts in all languages can be edited. The language module supports automatic translation of all texts using Google Translate or Deepl Pro and includes Dutch, Russian and Turkish as pre-translated languages. All visitors to our online shop will receive a conference discount on all basic licenses amounting to 20% until October 31, 2019.

Support for up to eight languages

From version 4.5, gFM Business Light and Professional support the use of up to eight languages. The software is delivered in German, English and French. After the first start of the software, the system wizard is set in the setup wizard.Systemsprache festlegen im Einrichtungsassistenten Regardless of the system language, users can also use the ERP software with a different language to display the user interface, dialogs, and all selection value lists in the desired language. All options selected with a different language are stored internally in the defined system language. In the network, gFM-Business can also be used in mixed operation with several languages. In the user management, it can be determined for each user in which language the software should start.

Exclusive presentation at the FileMaker Conference 2019

All visitors to this year’s FileMaker conference in Hamburg can already preview the new version in person as part of our presentation. You will find our sponsor booth at the FileMaker conference in the foyer of the Jufa Hotel HafenCity. We are looking forward to your visit!
FileMaker Konferenz im Jufa Hotel Hafencity, Hamburg

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