gFM Business 4.5 released with multilingual support.

gFM-Business 4.5 mit Mehrsprachigkeit

Today we released the ERP software gFM-Business Light and Professional in the updated version 4.5. gFM-Business 4.5 supports the use of multiple languages ​​that can be used across the entire user interface as well as in all print layouts. Regardless of the language set for the ERP system, users can also use the software in a different language or create documents in a different language. gFM-Business Light and Professional support the use of German, English and French. gFM-Business Custom Professional and the open license contain in the settings a new menu item [Languages] in which all texts of the application and print layouts in all languages ​​can be edited. The language module supports automatic translation of all texts using Google Translate or Deepl Pro and includes Dutch, Russian and Turkish as pre-translated languages. gFM-Business Light and Professional 4.5 are now available for download.

Unterstützung von bis zu acht Sprachen
Support of up to eight languages

From version 4.5, gFM Business Light and Professional support the use of up to eight languages. The software is delivered in German, English and French. After the first start of the software, the system wizard is set in the setup wizard.

Systemsprache festlegen im Einrichtungsassistenten

Regardless of the system language, users can also use the ERP software with a different language to display the user interface, dialog boxes, and all selection value lists in the desired language. All options selected with a different language are stored internally in the defined system language. In the network, gFM-Business can also be used in mixed operation with several languages. In the user management, it can be determined for each user in which language the software should start.

Printing forms available in all languages

With gFM-Business 4.5, the printing system has been redesigned, and from now on all print forms can be created and printed in all languages. For this purpose, the print dialog has been extended by a further selection item [Language] in all masks. In gFM-Business 4.5 it is no longer necessary to create a separate print layout for each language – the previously supplied voucher forms in English have been removed.

Drucken in allen Sprachen

All print layouts supplied with gFM-Business have been enhanced to use multiple languages and include placeholders for all fixed texts. If required, all texts can be adapted directly in gFM-Business under [Settings> Languages> Print].

Texte auf Drucklayouts in gFM-Business bearbeiten

Note for customers with adapted print layouts: gFM-Business 4.5 is backward compatible with print layouts with fixed texts. A print layout file older than 4.0 can easily be used with gFM-Business 4.5, but does not support the creation of documents in multiple languages.

All texts customizable in custom and open licenses

In all customizing and open licenses, all texts within the ERP software and print layouts can be edited. In this way it is possible to rename entire modules or parts thereof for individual requirements without programming effort.

Sprachmodul in der gFM-Business ERP-Software

The following tabs are available in the program section [Settings> Languages]:

  • Masks (tabs, field titles and functions)
  • Popover (texts of all popover dialogues)
  • Dialogs (texts of all dialogs)
  • Scripts (texts of all scripts)
  • Value lists (texts of all value lists)
  • Navigation (texts of the navigation)
  • Favorites (texts of all favorite buttons)
  • Menu (texts in the main menu)
  • Print (texts on all print layouts)

The language module in gFM-Business supports you in editing program texts with some helpful functions. For example, all untranslated fields are highlighted in red, and values in another language are displayed as inline labels. The language module also contains a search function in all tabs in order to quickly find desired fields. For each language, the decimal and thousands separator can be specified separately.

Automatic translation by Google Translate or Deepl Pro

The language module in the Customizing versions and in the open license supports the automatic translation of all fields with Google Translate or Deepl Pro. At the push of a button, the entire application or just part of the application can be translated into another language. Due to some semantic inaccuracies of the translation engines, a translation using Google Translate or Deepl Pro should still be reworked manually.

Automatische Übersetzung mit Google Translate oder deepl Pro

To use automatic translation with Google Translate or Deepl Pro, you must have an account with a valid API key at Google Translate or The API keys can be entered directly in gFM Business. The translation with Google Translate or is chargeable.

Dutch, Russian and Turkish pretranslated

gFM-Business Custom Professional and the open license already contain pre-translated language sentences in Dutch, Russian and Turkish with Deepl Pro. To optimally use the gFM Business ERP software in one of these languages, all texts can be edited directly in gFM Business according to individual requirements.

New installation on macOS computers

On macOS computers, the installation of the single-user versions gFM-Business Basic and Light has been simplified. The software is no longer installed with an installation program on the computer, but can be dragged from the supplied dmg image directly into the program folder of the Mac.

gFM-Business Installation auf macOS-Computern

Automatic creation of the document folder in gFM-Business

The document folder will no longer be delivered separately. When gFM Business is first installed on a computer, the document folder with all its subfolders and files can be generated directly from gFM Business. Installing a separate font for EAN13 codes is no longer required.

Prices and availability

The new version gFM-Business 4.5 is now available in all versions and is available for download. The update to the new version is free for all users of gFM-Business 4.x. Previous version users can purchase the upgrade to gFM Business 4.5 at a reduced upgrade price. The upgrade discount can be booked directly in our online shop.

After registration, the freeware version gFM-Business free can be used indefinitely for up to 100 data records per module. The scope of functions is identical to the single-user version of gFM-Business Basic, which can be purchased at the price of 199 Euro * and is not subject to any restrictions. gFM-Business Basic 4.0 is also available as a multi-user license for use with FileMaker on the network.

gFM-Business Light is the single-user version of gFM-Business Professional available as an app solution and priced at € 399 *. The single user version of the database solution gFM-Business Professional is available at a price of 599 Euro **. The multi-user license of gFM-Business Professional 4.5 is available from 999 Euro **. All prices plus FileMaker licenses.

gFM-Business Custom contains a user account for editing all screen masks and list views with FileMaker and can optionally be extended by us with additional fields and functions. gFM-Business Custom Basic is available as a single user version at a price of 699 Euro **, as a multi-user license from 999 Euro **. gFM-Business Custom Professional is available as a single-user version for a price starting at € 1,499 **, as a multi-user license from € 1,999 **.

As an open license, gFM-Business includes an administrator user account for customizing and extending all software. The open license of gFM-Business Basic is available as a multi-user license from 2,999 euros **, from gFM-Business Professional from 5,999 euros **.

* All prices plus 19% VAT
** All prices plus 19% VAT, including 5-user license of the MBS FileMaker Plugin (full version, can be used with own solutions)

Download 30-day trial

Below you will find the billing program gFM-Business Light for Mac OS X or Windows and gFM-Business Professional for download. You can download the software for free and test it for 30 days without restrictions. gFM-Business Professional requires an installed license or a demo version of FileMaker Pro.

Download gFM-Business Light (Single user license)

Download gFM-Business Light

Download gFM-Business Professional (FileMaker 15-18)

Download gFM-Business Professional

Version history of gFM-Business 4.5

  • Support for up to eight languages ​​in all print layouts
  • Support for up to eight languages ​​in the entire ERP software
  • Decimal and thousands separators adjustable for all languages
  • Print layouts: Number fields optimized on all document layouts, new column “VAT rate” on all documents
  • Item master: Added merchandise value in list view and on print layouts “Stock list EAN” and “Stock list barcode”
  • Invoice: Calculation of VAT corrected when using shipping costs.
  • Correspondence: Fixed display error of button in the [E-mail] tab.
  • iPad: Added Project Assignment in CRM (Popover “New Service”)
  • iPad: Action reason added in CRM (Popover “New Action”)
  • iPad: Transferring contacts from macOS address book in CRM (popover “New contact”) added
  • iPad: Added media / file to actions in CRM (Data Portal)
  • iPad: New tab [E-Mail] added in the project management
  • iPad: Settings> Preferences> Articles expanded by price groups, inventory management settings, item selection sorting and standard weight unit.
  • macOS: Installation simplified, delivery as dmg image file

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