gFM-Business 4.6 released with some new features

Today we released the updated version 4.6 of the gFM Business Light and Professional ERP software. The new version contains some new features and a solution-wide revised user interface, which further simplifies the adaptation and expansion of gFM-Business, especially in connection with customizing and open licenses. Export your booking data once a month with the DATEV export package. With the new product properties, you can define your articles even more precisely and create price-relevant properties. Generate SEPA direct debits directly from an invoice and generate a clear contact overview in CRM with all important information at a glance. gFM-Business 4.6 also contains some bug fixes. The new version 4.6 is now available for download. The update to the new version is free of charge for all users of gFM-Business 4.x.

Internally completely revised user interface

The user interface of the gFM Business ERP software was also further optimized as part of the expansion to multilingualism on all masks. This affects not only the data content of all screen masks, but also the navigation, all function menus and favorite buttons. This not only removed more than 10,000 layout objects across the solution, but also increased the overall performance of the software.

Intern optimierte Benutzeroberfläche

Tastenleisten-Einstellungen für Beschriftungsobjekte

All labeling and navigation objects have been converted to key bar elements in gFM-Business. These objects are much easier to adapt because they can be edited simply by double-clicking on the respective object. The label itself is obtained dynamically from the language table using a formula.

If desired, each labeling object can also be assigned an additional symbol or a key function and the object can be reformatted if necessary.

With the revised user interface, users can now add adjustments and extensions to a customizing or open license more easily and quickly.

Extended booking export with DATEV export package

In the [Cash book] module of the billing document, bookings can now be individually marked in the booking list and then exported with the new function [Export marked bookings]. This function makes it possible to export any postings afterwards. In the new version, bookings can also be exported by months.

Buchungsexport als DATEV Exportpaket

As of gFM-Business Light / Professional 4.6, the new function “DATEV export package” is available for booking export. This new function creates a new folder in the “Export” folder, in which all export files and invoices required by a tax advisor are automatically created in PDF format. When using this function, the following folders / files are created when exporting:

DATEV-07-2019 – Folder
AR-DATEV-EXTF-07-2019.csv – All outgoing invoices and credit notes as a booking batch in DATEV EXTF format
AR-EXCEL-07-2019.xlsx – All outgoing invoices and credit notes as Microsoft-Excel for comparing
doc – Folder (Documents)
RE201900012.pdf – Outgoing invoice in PDF format
RE201900013.pdf – Outgoing invoice in PDF format
RE201900014.pdf – Outgoing invoice in PDF format

The created folder can then e.g. uploaded directly to a tax advisor’s document center, which contains all the files required for further processing by the tax advisor.

Generate SEPA direct debit directly from the invoice

gFM Business 4.6 supports the generation of a SEPA direct debit directly from an invoice. The customer is automatically entered from the invoice as well as an existing SEPA mandate and the total amount of the invoice in the respective fields.

SEPA-Lastschrift aus Rechnungen heraus erzeugen

Product master with product properties

A new [Properties] tab has been integrated in the [Products] module, in which any product properties for the called item can be saved. Product properties can also be price-relevant and affect the price scale with identical properties. The “Duplicate item” function has been expanded to duplicate all price groups and product features it contains.

Artikelstamm mit Produkteigenschaften

Any number of product properties can be assigned to each article. The following options can be maintained for each product property:

  • Category – category of the property. Example: “Dimensions”. The pop-up menu is self-learning and shows all categories used so far for selection.
  • Property – name of the property. Example: “Length”. The pop-up menu is self-learning and shows all properties used so far for selection.
  • Value – Optional value of the property to use. Example: “200”.
  • Price relevant – If a property is price-relevant, it has an additive effect on the price scale when using price groups in addition to similar products. Example: A print shop inserts an article into an offer, e.g. a label that has a price scale and price-relevant properties. If another article with identical price-relevant properties is inserted in the offer, the number of both articles is added and used for the price calculation from the price scale.
  • Product group – In this field articles can be grouped into article groups. The pop-up menu is self-learning and shows all previously used article groups for selection.

CRM: New print layout “Contact overview”

The new print layout “Contact overview” is now available in the CRM area [Customers], which shows an overview of all customer data as well as lists of the following related data:

  • Number of contacts and the last 10 contacts added as a list
  • Number of actions and the last 10 actions added as a list
  • Number of addresses and the first 5 addresses as a list
  • Number of offers and the last 10 offers as a list
  • Number of orders and the last 10 orders as a list
  • Number of delivery notes and the last 10 delivery notes as a list
  • Number of invoices and the last 10 invoices as a list
  • Number of credits and the last 10 credits as a list
  • Number of reminders and the last 10 reminders as a list
  • Number of orders and the last 10 orders as a list

Drucklayout Kontaktübersicht

The print layout can be changed in all versions of gFM-Business with FileMaker by additional lists such as Projects or services are expanded. The new print layout “Contact overview” has been designed in several languages and can be created in German, English and French.

Version history of gFM-Business 4.6

  • Products – When duplicating an article, the price scale and product properties belonging to the master product are now also duplicated.
  • Products – New tab [Properties] with the possibility to add any properties for an article with fields “Category”, “Property”, “Value” and “Status price relevant”. If the “Status price-relevant” field is active and both the article and a document have a valid (and the same) price group, the articles in the document with identical properties are added to the price scale.
  • Billing orders: Fixed bug when booking order items.
  • Billing – Invoices: New functions “New direct debit” and “New SEPA transfer” added.
  • Billing – Corrected labeling of the “Total net” field of the item list in all billing masks.
  • Corrected the billing button [New] of the “New reminders” function in the “Reminders” module.
  • Billing function “Posting export” in the module “Cash book” extended by new function “DATEV export package”. DATEV (EXTF / CSV) files for invoices and credit notes as well as corresponding overview tables are automatically created in Excel format and saved in a new folder in the “Export” folder.
  • Billing – booking list expanded by a check box. Selection for the export of bookings expanded by “marked bookings” and “month / year”, booking export dialog expanded accordingly.
  • Calendar – month view optimized, display is now over the entire window.
  • CustomersScript call of context-sensitive functions in [Customer> Overview] corrected.
  • Customers – New print layout “Contact overview” with placeholders for multilingual generation.
  • Projects – Labeling of field [Date] in list [Services] corrected.

Grace period for gFM-Business 5.0 from February 1, 2020

From February 1, 2020, every purchase license from gFM-Business includes a free upgrade to gFM-Business 5.0. With the release of gFM-Business 5.0, the buyer automatically receives a new serial number for gFM-Business 5.0. This gives the buyer authorization for all updates of the entire gFM Business 4.x and 5.x version cycles.

Download 30-day trial

Below you will find the billing program gFM-Business Light for Mac OS X or Windows and gFM-Business Professional for download. You can download the software for free and test it for 30 days without restrictions. gFM-Business Professional requires an installed license or a demo version of FileMaker Pro.

Download gFM-Business Light (Single user license)

Download gFM-Business Light

Download gFM-Business Professional (FileMaker 15-18)

Download gFM-Business Professional

Download gFM-Business Custom Pro (FileMaker 15-18)

Download gFM-Business Professional

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