New version 4.6.2 of gFM-Business ERP software released.

gFM-Business 4.6 ERP-Software for Mac, Windows and iOS

In the past weeks we have released two updates of gFM-Business Light, Professional and Custom Professional to versions 4.6.1 and 4.6.2. The latest update to version 4.6.2 is now available for download for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. The update contains some bug fixes and the [Value Lists] mask in the [Languages] module of the settings, so that all internal value lists in gFM-Business Light and Professional can be edited.

Value lists also editable in Professional and Light

In the [Settings] module, the [Languages] option in gFM-Business Light and Professional now includes the [Value Lists] tab, where the user can freely edit all internal value lists in all available languages.

Editable value lists with gFM-Business 4.6.2

The search field at the top of the field list can be used to search for any terms. Fields with matching text are displayed in the list in color. With the field [Language] at the top right of the field list you can select the language whose terms are to be edited. On the left above the field list, you can switch between value lists and other internal program lists.

Billing: Delete bookings in the cash book

With gFM-Business 4.6.2, cash book entries can also be deleted manually. For this purpose, the new context-sensitive functions

  • Delete booking
  • Delete selected bookings

at your disposal. You can use the “Delete posting” function to delete an individual posting from the cash journal. The function [Delete selected] removes all entries from the cash book that were previously selected with the checkbox on the left side of the entry. During this process the bookings are irrevocably deleted from the database and are no longer taken into account when exporting the booking batch in DATEV format or other formats.

Version history of gFM-Business 4.6.2

  • CRM – File attachments: Opens the customer master directory by default when adding new files
  • CRM: Key labels in popover dialogs “New customer” and “New address” corrected
  • CRM: data entry in fields “Data origin” and “Legal basis” corrected
  • CRM – Services: Data entry in fields “Start time” and “End time” corrected
  • Billing: New functions “Delete posting” and “Delete selected postings” added
  • Mail: Display of value lists and selection fields corrected
  • Settings: Added [Value Lists] tab in selection item [Languages] for Professional and Light

Version history of gFM-Business 4.6.1

  • Billing/invoices: Totals in the list view are now also converted from foreign currencies into euros
  • Billing/Orders: Corrected incorrect display of popup when posting items
  • gFM-Business Light: Selection of the print layout was missing in the “Languages” module
  • Value lists were not transferred during import from the previous version
  • Correspondence: New primary key was not set correctly when creating/duplicating a document template
  • Find mode: In Find mode an incorrect icon was displayed in the toolbar, text color of buttons in Find mode corrected, upper navigation bar in Find mode corrected. Fixed field labels not updating when switching to another mask in Find mode.

Prices and Availability

The new version gFM-Business 4.6 is now available in all versions and can be downloaded. The update to the new version is free for all users of gFM-Business 4.x. Users of a previous version can purchase the upgrade to gFM-Business 4.6 at a reduced upgrade price. The upgrade discount can be added directly in our online shop.

gFM-Business Light is the single user version of gFM-Business Professional as an app solution and is available for 399 Euro*. The single user version of the database solution gFM-Business Professional is available at the price of 599 Euro**. The multi-user licence for gFM-Business Professional is available from 999 euros**. All prices plus FileMaker licenses where applicable.

gFM-Business Custom includes a user account for editing all screen masks and list views with FileMaker and can be optionally extended by us to include additional fields and functions. gFM-Business Custom Basic is available as a single-user version at a price of 699 Euro**, as a multi-user licence from 999 Euro**. gFM-Business Custom Professional is available as a single-user version at a price of 1,499 Euro**, as a multi-user licence from 1,999 Euro**.

As an open licence, gFM-Business includes an administrator user account for customising and extending the entire software. The open licence of gFM-Business Basic is available as a multi-user licence from 2,999 Euro**, and of gFM-Business Professional from 5,999 Euro**.

Grace period for gFM-Business 5.0 from February 1, 2020

From February 1, 2020, every purchase license from gFM-Business includes a free upgrade to gFM-Business 5.0. With the release of gFM-Business 5.0, the buyer automatically receives a new serial number for gFM-Business 5.0. This gives the buyer authorization for all updates of the entire gFM Business 4.x and 5.x version cycles.

Download 30-day trial

Below you will find the billing program gFM-Business Light for Mac OS X or Windows and gFM-Business Professional for download. You can download the software for free and test it for 30 days without restrictions. gFM-Business Professional requires an installed license or a demo version of FileMaker Pro.

Download gFM-Business Light (Single user license)

Download gFM-Business Light

Download gFM-Business Professional (FileMaker 15-18)

Download gFM-Business Professional

Download gFM-Business Custom Pro (FileMaker 15-18)

Download gFM-Business Professional

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