gFM-Business 5.2 released with some new features

We have just released our gFM-Business Light and Professional ERP software in updated version 5.2. The new version contains some new features and bug fixes. With your own sequential numbers, you can implement your own document structures in all billing documents. From now on, budget billing invoices can be generated from an order in the billing document. In the new version, article names and article descriptions can be entered for each article in all available languages in article management. In the “Invoice” module, the document language can now be preset for a document in all document types. Designations and descriptions in article items are inserted into the document in the language preset in the document. In the “Customers” module, the language of a contact can also be preset in the new version. New documents for this customer will then be created in the language preset in the customer. gFM-Business Light and Professional 5.2 are now available for download. All versions of gFM-Business 5 can also be run on the new Apple computers with M1 processor.

Improved view of position numbers in the billing document

In the module “Invoice” we have improved the view of own position numbers. If an item contains its own item number (see contribution to gFM-Business 5.2), the item list displays its own sequential number in a white field instead of the system number. This facilitates the processing of structured documents with own item numbers.

Optimierte Anzeige eigener Positionsnummern

Multilingual article names and descriptions

From now on, article descriptions and article names can be entered in all available languages in the article management. For the input of the multilingual texts a new button is available at the field “Article name” and “Article description”, with which a popover window can be opened for the input of the multilingual values.

Mehrsprachige Artikeltexte in der Artikelverwaltung

Presetting the document language in the billing document

To ensure that the article descriptions and designations are correctly inserted as item texts in the documents, the language can now be preset in all documents in the “Invoice” module. The item texts are automatically inserted in the language preset in the document.

Belegsprache in der Faktura voreinstellen

Preset customer language in CRM

In order to automatically control the selection of the language depending on the customer, the CRM module “Customers” now has the possibility to set the language of the contact.

Kundensprache im CRM-Modul voreinstellen

For each contact, the language to be used can be preset in the [Customers > Overview] screen under the [Details] tab in the right-hand column. When creating new documents in the Invoice module, the language set in the customer is automatically entered in the new document.

Generating partial invoices from orders

In the invoice module, gFM-Business 5.2 can generate any number of partial invoices from an order. A partial invoice does not consist of the article positions of the order after the creation, but an invoice with a position is created, which contains a freely definable article.

Setting up articles for partial invoices

In the [Settings > Defaults > Invoice] module, the article number for any article from article management can now be specified as an article for partial invoices in the “Partial invoice” field.

Artikel für Abschlagsrechnungen einstellen

  • Create a new article in the article management, e.g. with article number “ABS” and article description “Budget billing”
  • Select the created article under [Settings > Defaults > Invoice] as an article for partial payments.

Create partial invoices under [Invoice > Orders]

Betrag für Abschlagsrechnung eintragenIf an article for partial invoices has been entered in the settings as described, an input field for the invoice amount has been added to the dialog in the “Orders” billing module when creating an invoice.

So simply select the function [Create invoice] in the module [Invoice > Orders] as usual. Thereupon the query dialog appears with an input field in which the desired invoice amount for the partial invoice can be entered. After confirmation with the button [New] a new partial invoice with the article for partial invoices set by you and the set gross amount is generated.

Invoice overview in the order management

In the [Invoice > Orders] module, the totals area has been expanded to include the number and total of generated invoices, total payments on all associated invoices, and the remaining balance.

Erweiterter Summenbereich in der Auftragsverwaltung

Extended setup wizard with selection of window sizes

In gFM-Business Light and Professional 5.2 we have extended the setup wizard on the first page with a selection of the desired window size. After clicking on a size button, the window is immediately displayed in the selected size.

Vorauswahl der Fenstergröße im Startassistenten

Running on Macs with Apple M1 processor

We have tested all versions of gFM-Business 5.2.0 with FileMaker Pro 19 on an Apple Macintosh with the new M1 processor and found no problems running. All functions also run on Macs with the new Apple M1 processor without restrictions and very performant.

Version history of gFM-Business 5.2.0

  • Start assistant: Selection of the window size on the first page
  • Invoice: Default setting of the document language
  • CRM: Default customer language
  • Articles: Support of multilingual article names and article descriptions
  • Invoice: Create partial invoices from orders
  • Invoice: Improved view of item numbers in all document types

Prices and availability

The new version gFM-Business 5.2 is available immediately and can be downloaded. Users of a previous version 4.x or 3.x can purchase the new version at a discounted upgrade price. Those who purchased the previous version within the Grace Period (since February 1, 2020) will receive the upgrade to gFM-Business 5.2 free of charge.

gFM-Business Light the single user version of gFM-Business Professional is available as an app solution and at a price of 399 Euro*. The single user version of the multi-client database solution gFM-Business Professional is available at a price of 999 Euro** including FileMaker Pro. The Multi-user license of gFM-Business Professional 5.1 is available at prices starting at 1,199 Euro**. All prices plus FileMaker licenses, if applicable.

gFM-Business Custom includes a user account for editing all screen masks and list views with FileMaker. In addition to all print layouts, gFM-Business Custom can also be used to edit all screen templates with FileMaker Pro in layout mode gFM-Business Custom Professional is available as a single user version at a price starting at 1.499 Euro**, as a Multi-user license from 2.499 Euro**.

As an open license, gFM-Business includes an administrator user account for customizing and extending the entire software. The open license of gFM-Business Basic is available as a multi-user license at a price of 1.999 Euro**, from gFM-Business Professional from 5.999 Euro**.

*All prices plus 19% VAT.
** All prices plus 19% VAT, including 5 user license of the MBS FileMaker Plugin (full version, can be used with own solutions)

Download 30-day trial version

Below you can download the invoice program gFM-Business Light for Mac OS X or Windows and gFM-Business Professional. You can download the software free of charge and test it for a period of 30 days without any restrictions. gFM-Business Professional requires an installed license or a demo version of FileMaker Pro.

Download gFM-Business Light (single user license)

Download gFM-Business Light

Download gFM-Business Professional (FileMaker 15-19)

Download gFM-Business Professional

Download gFM-Business Custom Pro (FileMaker 15-19)

Download gFM-Business Professional

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