Claris has released FileMaker Pro 19.2.2

FileMaker Pro IconClaris has released FileMaker Pro in updated version 19.2.2. The new version includes some new features as well as some changed features. For add-on developers, FileMaker Pro 19.2.2 includes new functions called GetAddoninfo, GetLayoutObjectOwnerInfo, and LayoutObjectUUID. When logging in with OAuth or AD FS, the AccountName and Password fields can now be hidden. For FileMaker plug-in developers, the new Get(InstalledFMPluginsAsJSON ) function is available. The new version includes other improvements to the FileMaker Pro Quick Start preview for creating custom apps. The preview is available in all languages in the new version. Claris has incorporated some improvements and bug fixes related to trackpad usage, crashes on Windows, display issues and some more. An overview of all new features of FileMaker 19.2.2 can be found on the website of Claris website. FileMaker Pro 19.2.2 is available immediately for macOS and Windows from the Download available for download.

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Buy FileMaker 19 bundled with gFM-Business ERP software

Purchase one or more licenses of FileMaker Pro with the gFM-Business ERP software at a low bundle price. The optional FileMaker software bundle comes with one year of software maintenance including all updates and upgrades. This means you get the latest version of FileMaker Pro and the next version when it is released.

Use FileMaker Pro to run a multi-user license of gFM-Business on a network of Mac or Windows computers. FileMaker Pro allows you to customize and extend your print layouts in all versions of gFM-Business. As part of a customizing license, FileMaker Pro also allows you to customize and extend screen masks and list views, and as part of an open license, the entire ERP software to suit your needs.

FileMaker Pro also enables you to develop your own database solutions for managing any data, which can also access data from gFM-Business. All gFM-Business licenses allow access to all data tables from external FileMaker solutions. Use your own FileMaker solutions to process data from gFM-Business or to transfer any data into gFM-Business, for example from other databases or applications.

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