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Development of FileMaker databases since 1994, modification and extension of FileMaker solutions, conversion of FileMaker databases from .fm, .fp3, .fp5 (FileMaker 2-6) or .fp7 (FileMaker 7-11) to .fmp12 (FileMaker 12-17), interfaces to third-party systems such as online shops, CMS or other databases. Development of individual FileMaker database systems based on the gFM business framework with personal advice from Oldenburg. Operator of the online specialist portal, developer of the CRM and merchandise management system gFM-Business. Member of FileMaker Business Alliance, FileMaker Developers Subscription and FMM Expert. Winner of an FMM Award 2011, awarded by the FileMaker Magazine.

Using FileMaker Pro as a data tool alongside gFM Business

The enterprise software gFM-Business is based on the FileMaker platform and requires a license of the database software FileMaker Pro for use in a network under Mac OS X or Windows and for editing print layouts. In addition to the use of gFM Business, this software can also be used for other purposes without any problems, because FileMaker Pro has a powerful range of functions to manage and process all types of data in a structured manner.

In this three-part series of articles, we’ll show you some of the options available when you purchase a FileMaker Pro license. Use FileMaker Pro as a data management tool or for editing and creating Excel spreadsheets. If you work a lot with Excel, you’ll have a lot of fun with FileMaker Pro, because FileMaker’s capabilities go far beyond spreadsheets in many areas. In the following we present some of the starter solutions from the brand new FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 15. Most solutions are already available in FileMaker 14. In the second and third parts of this series, we’ll introduce more FileMaker Pro starter solutions and capabilities. (more…)

Another award ‘Best Of CRM’ for gFM-Business.

We are delighted to once again be among the best solutions submitted in the category ‘Customer Relationship Management’ (CRM) with the gFM-Business enterprise software at the IT Innovation Award. Since 2004, the Initiative Mittelstand has awarded the IT Innovation Prize to particularly innovative products and solutions for SMEs once a year. This year’s competition, in which several thousand companies participated, was held under the motto ‘THINK. INNOVATION’ takes place. The IT Innovation Award is supported by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜV Nord) as patron and CeBIT as official partner. In addition to 38 category winners, one winner will be chosen per federal state and two special awards will be presented for Austria and Switzerland.

After 2014, the CRM, invoicing and merchandise management system gFM-Business is again this year one of the best solutions in the ‘CRM’ category. The awarded product convinced the jury and belongs to the top group of this year’s INNOVATION AWARD IT. With this award, the Initiative Mittelstand honors particularly innovative solutions that small and medium-sized enterprises are creating for a successful digital future.

gFM-Business Short tip: Sort articles by turnover

As a FileMaker-based database, gFM-Business can search for any field and sort records by any criteria. The article management of the software contains an integrated statistic, how often and to which value the called article was bought and sold. In this short guide we explain how products can be sorted in the article management of gFM-Business according to sales revenue in ascending or descending order, for example to determine top sellers or slow-moving items. We use the gFM Business function [Sort] whose button is located in the toolbar of each mask in gFM Business. This tip can also be applied to all other masks in all modules without any problems. (more…)