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Ten tips and tricks for working with gFM-Business.

10 Tipps und Tricks für die Arbeit mit gFM-BusinessSometimes it’s the little things you just have to know to make your daily work with the computer easier. An enterprise software serves to store as much data of the enterprise as possible in a structured way and for this reason usually has a relatively high complexity. In this article we present ten short tips and tricks that will make your work with the FileMaker-based CRM, invoicing and merchandise management system gFM-Business easier.

Open new windows in no time at all while working, call up program functions from different menus, create complex search queries in a simple way, replace data with calculated values in any number of data records simultaneously or create graduated prices with the help of price groups in article management. The tips and tricks in this article will help you work faster and more effectively with gFM-Business. Some of the following tips are universal and can be used in other FileMaker solutions. (more…)

gFM-Business Short tip: Sort articles by turnover

As a FileMaker-based database, gFM-Business can search for any field and sort records by any criteria. The article management of the software contains an integrated statistic, how often and to which value the called article was bought and sold. In this short guide we explain how products can be sorted in the article management of gFM-Business according to sales revenue in ascending or descending order, for example to determine top sellers or slow-moving items. We use the gFM Business function [Sort] whose button is located in the toolbar of each mask in gFM Business. This tip can also be applied to all other masks in all modules without any problems. (more…)