gFM-Business ERP software with CRM and billing

The flexible ERP software for Mac, Windows and Apple iOS.

Whether used as an invoice software, agency software, invoicing or customer management – the gFM-Business ERP system is business software that has been developed to support sales, communication, accounting and administration activities in any small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). It consists of the modules Calendar, Customers, Correspondence, Invoicing, Articles and Companies with Statistics, Inventory and Logbook Management. The system offers many individual and user-related settings for optimal use with workgroups under macOS, Windows and the Apple iPad. The data does not have to be stored on a cloud server and remains in your database.

gFM-Business is based on the platform of the database management system FileMaker Pro, which is characterized above all by its flexible adaptability to existing workflows. FileMaker is the leading workgroup database software for quickly creating and sharing solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Powerful features, multi-platform support and an easy-to-use user interface make gFM Business in conjunction with FileMaker Pro indispensable for anyone who wants to keep track of and manage all services, employees and other data.

Software made in Germany

Zertifiziert: Software made in GermanygFM-Business is registered by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (Federal Association of IT SMEs). (BITMi) with the seal of approval “Software Made in Germany”.

Dr. Oliver Grün, BITMi President and Board Member of GRÜN Software AG, presented the seal of approval to According to Grün, the “gFM-Business” product is characterized above all by its user-friendliness, flexibility, a well thought-out design and cost efficiency. In addition, the product is flanked by competent customer service and has already proven itself successfully in practice.

gFM-Business runs under Mac OS X, Windows and Apple iPad. Thanks to its database-supported user interface, gFM-Business can be quickly and easily expanded with additional individual functions and modules.

Business software for flexible requirements.

The CRM, ERP and merchandise management system gFM-Business was developed to meet the most diverse requirements. With the possibility to customize or extend gFM-Business Custom by us and the open license to customize and extend yourself, appropriate licensing options are available for higher requirements.

gFM-Business ERP-Software für Mac, PC und iOS

Extensive functions and flexibly expandable.

The enterprise software gFM-Business offers extensive functions in the following areas:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

gFM Business contains a customer administration to store customers, suppliers and any other contacts in one module. Any number of addresses, contact persons, actions and files, follow-ups, services, documents, as well as numerous other data and freely definable fields can be entered per customer. The address management contains a module for route planning with automatic geotagging. Data associated with a contact from other modules such as offers, invoices, documents or SEPA mandates can be displayed and accessed directly in the CRM in list views with full text search. Paper documents can be scanned directly to the contact and automatically indexed by text recognition. In the customer statistics, numerous key figures can be evaluated for the customer and displayed as interactive diagram can be graphically prepared. Import customer addresses from any other data source.

All functions of the CRM and Contact Management module

Document Management and Correspondence

In the document management module any number of documents and serial documents can be created for each contact. Documents can be based on any document template and sent by mail, fax or e-mail. Optionally, you can send e-mails and newsletters directly via one or more SMTP servers using an HTML template as a graphical e-mail. Scanned documents can be displayed and called up in the document archive using a full text search, regardless of the context.

All Functions of the Correspondence and Document Management Module

Billing, cash book and banking

Any number of offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes, reminders and purchase orders can be stored in the invoicing module. Write invoices and other vouchers in multiple VAT rates and currencies with automatic conversion and updating of exchange rates. Convert documents to other document types at the push of a button. In invoicing, numerous data and freely definable fields are available for all documents. All document numbers from separate number ranges are optionally generated automatically as barcodes. When documents are posted, article inventories are automatically updated in article management. Track shipments directly in gFM-Business with the integrated tracking function for logistics service providers. Bookings in the cash book can be made in DATEV format and SEPA direct debits can be exported in SEPA XML format. gFM-Business supports the direct transfer of marked bookings and the import of files from online banking programs such as Bank X, MacGiro or StarMoney. Scan incoming receipts directly to your booking in the cash book.

All Functions of the Invoicing Module

Product and stock management

Manage physical articles and service articles in article management with numerous detailed data such as category, packaging unit, revenue accounts, prices and price groups, currency, barcode and EAN code, manufacturer and many other data. Minimum and stock levels are automatically managed and can be viewed in a stock log. Enter any number of suppliers per article with purchase and graduated prices. Create item attributes that are compatible with Gambio GX2-based online stores. You can use parts lists and accessories to manage products composed of other articles. Import product data from any other data source.

All functions of the article management

Project management, inventory, travel books and statistics

In project management, you plan and manage projects to which any processes, files, customers, contact persons, employees, services, documents, quotations, orders, invoices, credit notes and purchase orders can be assigned. Any number of projects can be assigned to contacts in CRM. Use gFM-Business as agency software with the included project management. With the inventory management you record your business inventory with all key data such as acquisition value, Depreciation or leasing. Manage any number of vehicles with driver’s logbooks and save the data in accordance with the law with change protocol. With the statistics, numerous key figures can be evaluated in relation to the company and graphically prepared as an interactive diagram.

All functions in the Company module

Main menu and navigation freely configurable.

The main menu of gFM-Business is freely configurable by the user. On desktop systems, the menu items can be displayed in two or three columns, and all menu items can be shown or hidden as desired. Thus, the main menu can be adapted to the individual requirements of each user. The main menu can contain any number of menu items, so that gFM-Business is optimally equipped for individual adaptations or extensions. Also in the entire navigation within the software it can be determined for each user which selection points should be visible.

All print layouts customizable with FileMaker Pro.

A printing system has been integrated into gFM-Business that allows the complete adaptation of all print layouts as well as the creation of new print layouts such as in a DTP program or a word processing program. In the print file supplied with gFM-Business, the user can edit print layouts as required or add new layouts. After new print layouts have been assigned to a program part in the settings, they are available for immediate use.

Optimized for Mac OS X, Windows and Apple iPad.

The enterprise software gFM-Business has been developed to guarantee an optimal user experience on desktop systems under Windows and Mac OS X as well as on an Apple iPad. On desktop systems, multiple instances (windows) that run completely independently of each other can be opened at the same time. This makes it possible to organize several processes and customers at the same time.

When gFM-Business is opened under FileMaker Go on an Apple iPad, the entire application is available with optimized iPad layouts. All user rights set up on a desktop system also apply when used with an iPad. The main menu can be optimized for right- or left-handed users and can be freely configured just like the desktop version.

Integrated e-mail client for sending and receiving e-mails

gFM-Business 4.0 now includes an integrated e-mail client with which e-mails can be received and sent on any number of POP3 or IMAP accounts. All functions for sending e-mails contained in gFM Business are performed within the framework of the integrated e-mail client. Received e-mails from known e-mail addresses from the CRM module “Customers” are automatically assigned to the corresponding customers. The e-mail addresses of all registered addresses and contact persons as well as other e-mail addresses of a whitelist are taken into account. With the integrated ticket system, support tickets can be automatically assigned and easily processed.

Online shop interfaces on REST-API basis

gFM-Business contains an integrated interface to the online shop systems Shopware 5, Gambio GX3 and WooCommerce for WordPress. With the integrated interface, customers, articles and shop orders (either as an order or as an invoice) can be transferred to the gFM Business ERP software. The import can be done with a selection window for the selection of desired data records or automatically with import of all newest data.

Onlineshop-Schnittstellen zu Shopware 5, Gambio GX3 und WooCommerce

gFM-Business free and Basic allow you to connect to a Onlineshop,gFM-Business Light and Professional have a multishop-capable interface for connecting to any number of online shops, even in mixed environments. Under an open license, the REST API-based online shop interface can be extended with FileMaker Pro (Advanced) for additional functions or access to additional shop systems.

Numerous interfaces to third-party systems

In order to communicate with the outside world, the standard version of gFM-Business comes with a number of interfaces. In any part of the program, data can be stored in any field order in Text/Tab, CSV, Microsoft Excel, FileMaker, DBF formats, or as a merge mail merge file for Microsoft Word, Excel, or other Office applications. Customer addresses and articles can be imported from text or CSV files, Excel tables or databases.

All documents created in gFM-Business are automatically saved in PDF format on the workstation or centrally on a server. Within gFM-Business, all stored documents can be found quickly and conveniently in their respective context.

Account statements can be easily transferred from Bank X, MacGiro, StarMoney or other banking programs via clipboard or as a file. Postings that are automatically created from the invoicing module can be exported in DATEV or other formats. Direct debits can be saved in DTAUS format.

Die gFM-Business ERP-Software enthält vielfältige Schnittstellen

gFM-Business is industry-independent and can be used as an invoicing program, agency software, CRM or merchandise management.

Compatible with other FileMaker databases, PHP and REST

In conjunction with FileMaker Pro (Advanced), gFM Business becomes one of the most flexible ERP programs available on the market. Easily access all gFM-Business data tables from other FileMaker applications with your gFM-Business user account to view and edit gFM-Business data in real-time in other databases. In this way, you can use FileMaker to develop your own solutions that can also access all the data in the gFM Business ERP software. Using FileMaker Server, databases can also be shared via ODBC/JDBC and for use with PHP for websites. From FileMaker 16 or later, or with a third-party solution, data can also be hosted using a RESTful API.

Optional bundle with FileMaker Pro Advanced

ERP-Software erweitern mit FileMaker Pro (Advanced)Purchase one or more additional licenses of FileMaker Pro Advanced with the gFM Business ERP software at an affordable bundle price as a purchase license. The optional FileMaker Software Bundle includes one year of software maintenance including all updates and upgrades. So you’ll usually receive the latest version of FileMaker Pro Advanced and, once released, the next.

Use FileMaker Pro to run a multi-user license of gFM Business on a network on Mac or Windows computers. With FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can customize and extend your print layouts in all versions of gFM Business. With a customizing license, FileMaker Pro Advanced allows you to customize and extend screen masks and list views, and with an open license, you can customize and extend all of your ERP software.

FileMaker Pro Advanced also enables you to develop your own database solutions to manage any data that can also access data from gFM business. All licenses of gFM-Business allow access to all data tables of external FileMaker solutions. Use your own FileMaker solutions to process gFM business data or to transfer any data into gFM-Business, for example from other databases or applications.

Individually expandable with customizing and open licenses.

gFM-Business was developed modularly in order to be able to fulfil as wide a spectrum of individual requirements as possible. The gFM Business ERP software itself can be extended by additional fields, data tables and functions within the scope of a custom or open license. Due to the internal structure, it is possible to fulfil any other individual tasks without any problems. Both existing modules can be extended and new modules can be added.

Customizing with gFM Business Custom.

gFM-Business Custom is available based on gFM-Business Basic and gFM-Business Professional, as well as single- and multi-user versions. gFM-Business Custom allows you to customize and extend all screen masks and list views in gFM-Business with the layout editing mode of FileMaker Pro for Mac OS X or Windows.

gFM-Business Custom Professional contains a development environment that automatically saves every change in a processing log and can be enhanced by us with new tables, fields and functions if required.

More information about gFM-Business Custom

Self extending gFM business with the open license.

Flexible business software: With the open license, the user can extend the ERP, CRM and merchandise management system gFM-Business himself according to his individual wishes. The open license includes a user account with full administrative rights to customize and extend the application with FileMaker Pro (Advanced). To run gFM Business, any simultaneous access on Mac OS X and Windows requires a license of FileMaker Pro (Advanced) is required.

Innovation Award IT Best Of CRM 2014 and 2016

Innovationspreis-IT Best Of 2016We are pleased to present the CRM and customer management system gFM-Business at the Innovationspreis-IT 2014 and the Innovation Award IT 2016 in the CRM Systems category to the Best Of 2014 and Best Of 2016. The renowned innovation prize IT, which has been established for 13 years in medium-sized businesses and the IT sector, awards special software products every year.

The Initiative Mittelstand awards the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2016 to particularly innovative IT solutions with high benefits for SMEs. In this category, the jury of experts will award the prizes BEST OF 2014 and 2016:

gFM-Business Customer Management

The awarded product gFM-Business convinced the jury and belongs to the top group of this year’s INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT. With this award, the Initiative Mittelstand honors particularly innovative solutions that small and medium-sized enterprises are creating for a successful digital future. Patron of the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2016 is TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH.

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