Customizable and extensible ERP software

The customizing licenses of the FileMaker-based enterprise software provide a cost-effective and powerful alternative to other ERP systems such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. Extend your software with FileMaker Pro by yourself!

Customizing made to measure: With gFM-Business Custom and the open license, we offer various variants for adapting and expanding the ERP system according to individual specifications. Print layouts can be customized and extended in all versions of gFM-Business using FileMaker Pro. gFM-Business Custom has the full functionality of gFM-Business Professional and also allows customization and extension of all screen masks and list views according to individual requirements. New selection points can be created for newly created screen masks in the navigation and main menu. All functions for customizing and extending screen masks are available in Layout mode in FileMaker Pro. All changes to screen masks are automatically recorded within the integrated development environment in a log including screenshot before and after the change. With the open license of gFM-Business, with the exception of some system scripts, the entire application can be customized and extended using FileMaker Pro (Advanced).

Software made in Germany

Zertifiziert: Software made in GermanygFM-Business is registered by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (Federal Association of IT SMEs). (BITMi) with the seal of approval “Software Made in Germany”.

Dr. Oliver Grün, BITMi President and Board Member of GRÜN Software AG, presented the seal of approval to According to Grün, the product “gFM-Business” is characterized above all by user-friendliness, flexibility, a well thought-out design and cost efficiency. In addition, the product is flanked by competent customer service and has already proven itself successfully in practice. proven.applications.

gFM-Business Custom für Mac, Windows und iOS

The CRM, billing and merchandise management system gFM-Business is based on a FileMaker framework with dynamic navigation and a dynamic main menu. This functionality not only allows user-defined navigation and main menus, but also new screen masks can be integrated into the software with just a few mouse clicks. This makes it possible to generate individual views and reports even faster with FileMaker and gFM Business.

gFM-Business Custom offers the full range of functions of gFM-Business Professionaland additionally allows the adaptation and extension of screen masks and list views according to individual requirements. All the tools available in Layout mode in FileMaker Pro (Advanced) are available for this purpose. As soon as a user with the appropriate authorization switches to layout mode, the integrated development environment saves a screenshot of the mask before the changes are made. If the layout mode is left again after the changes, another screenshot with the changes is recorded, and the user can enter further comments in the change log for documentation purposes in a dialog.

The log of all layout changes can be viewed within the integrated development environment. The layout log contains all previous changes in descending chronological order including screenshot before and after the changes. In the development environment, you can also create new selection points in the main menu and in the navigation for newly created screen masks.

All texts customizable in all languages

gFM-Business Custom Professional and the open license allow the adaptation of all texts of the entire ERP software in all languages. Thus, it is possible to rename parts or whole modules in gFM-Business for use in own processes. The software supports automatic translation of language sentences or entire language packs using Google Translate or Deepl Pro (own API key required).

Sprachmodul in der gFM-Business ERP-Software

Like gFM-Business Professional, gFM-Business Custom is available as a single-user and multi-user license for use in mixed networks. An installed license of FileMaker Pro (Advanced) is required on each workstation running Mac OS X or Windows. Tables, fields, scripts and functions in gFM-Business Custom can also be individually adapted and enhanced by us according to your specifications.

Features of gFM-Business Custom Professional:

CRM – contacts, customers and suppliers

Documents, e-mails and document archive

Billing – offers, order confirmations, invoices, cash book, bank

Products, suppliers, product stock, batches

Preferences, user management, online shops and languages

Full customizing with the open license

gFM-Business is also available as an open license in order to adapt and extend the enterprise software completely according to individual requirements. With the exception of some system scripts, all tables, fields, scripts, value lists and custom functions can be accessed in the open license with the developer account. The open license contains an extended Development environment that provides convenient access to all connected database files. The open license fully supports all FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced tools.

More information about the open license

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