gFM-Business Light & Professional

gFM Business Light as single user version

gFM-Business Light and Professional are our two solutions for users with higher requirements. While gFM-Business Light is a standalone version without an additional license of FileMaker Pro, gFM-Business Professional requires a license of FileMaker Pro on each Mac or Windows workstation to run. gFM-Business Light is based on a FileMaker runtime available for Mac OS X and Windows. FileMaker Runtime solutions do not support diagrams by default, so all diagrams in gFM Business Light are displayed using a Google service. All print layouts can also be customized or extended with FileMaker Pro in gFM-Business Light. gFM-Business Light supports the automatic creation and archiving of PDF files using any PDF printer driver such as the Professional version. All other functions are identical to gFM-Business Professional, making gFM-Business Light ideal for sole traders, freelancers and founders.

gFM-Business Professional for working groups

With gFM-Business Professional, work groups receive a network-compatible CRM and merchandise management system based on FileMaker for workstations running Mac OS X or Windows as well as for the Apple iPad. To run gFM-Business Professional on Mac OS X and Windows, a FileMaker Pro license is required per workstation. On the Apple iPad, gFM-Business can be operated with the free FileMaker Go App, available from the iTunes App Store for iPad. FileMaker Pro can share databases with up to four additional users on the network – we recommend FileMaker Server for five or more users on the network. In addition to sharing databases for up to 250 users in the network, this offers, for example, individual Backup schedule and optional sharing of data for ODBC or PHP to use data e.g. on websites.

Software made in Germany

Certified: Software made in GermanygFM-Business is registered by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (Federal Association of IT SMEs). (BITMi) with the seal of approval “Software Made in Germany”.

Dr. Oliver Grün, BITMi President and Board Member of GRÜN Software AG, presented the seal of approval to According to Grün, the product “gFM-Business” is characterized above all by user-friendliness, flexibility, a well thought-out design and cost efficiency. In addition, the product is flanked by competent customer service and has already proven itself successfully in practice.

Comprehensive functions in gFM Business Light and Professional

  • Runs with all available screen masks and lists under Windows, Mac OS X and Apple iPad with user-optimized layouts for use on the iPad.
  • Parallel use on all supported operating systems possible.
  • Network-compatible from gFM-Business Professional and suitable for workgroups of two to hundreds of users in heterogeneous networks.
  • Flexible printing system: All forms and lists can be modified or recreated by the user with FileMaker Pro. All design tools available in FileMaker Pro are available for this purpose.
  • Support for up to eight languages, including German, English and French (customizing versions also include Dutch, Russian and Turkish pre-translated).
  • All print forms and lists can be created and printed in any language.
  • Support for Google Translate and Deepl Pro for automatic translation into gFM Business Custom Pro and open license.
  • DSGVO-compliant data storage with event log and automatic function to delete personal data without legal basis.
  • Preparation of a processing directory in accordance with DSGVO Art. 30
  • Text and Subject of e-mail messages with placeholders for dynamic data can be stored separately for each print layout.
  • Any number of e-mail sending addresses with integrated e-mail client for receiving and sending e-mail messages with automatic assignment of known e-mail addresses. IMAP and POP3 accounts are supported for receiving e-mails.
  • System-wide calendar with support for any number of individual calendars that can be shown or hidden as well as automatic reminders by message, e-mail or SMS (Professional only).
  • CTI functions with support for DialList, DialFritz, fritz.mac Suite, STARFACE Client, TeamCall direct and Gigaset QuickSync in Mac OS X and Windows TAPI.
  • Integrated interface module for Shopware 5, Gambio GX3 and WooCommerce online shops to import and export customers, articles and orders as orders or invoices. (Basic supports 1 online shop. The interface supports the simultaneous use of any number of online shops, even in mixed operation with several shop systems.)
  • Event log for logging all changes to the database. The event log is available in every program module across all systems.
  • Up to five freely definable buttons (Favorite buttons) on each screen mask, which can be defined user-specifically.
  • Integrated databases for the automatic maintenance of postal codes (D/A/CH), bank details with BIC/IBAN and German area codes.
  • Variable appearance with different themes for Mac OS X, Windows and iOS.
  • Phonetic Quick search in all data portals and list views, allows input and dictation of spoken search queries.
  • Detailed search on every available field with predefined search profiles.
  • Flexible main menu whose menu items can be defined per user with display of the most important key data such as number of actions, resubmissions, invoices, open items, unbooked services, next appointments or last events.
  • Statistical evaluations in the main menu as bar or line diagrams over the sum of invoices and offers, the yield, sold articles and hours as well as acquired new customers of the last 12 months.
  • Display of all open items (unpaid invoices, uncompleted quotations, orders and delivery notes) as well as articles with a lower minimum stock level in the main menu.
  • User-related definition of default values in input dialogs.
  • Printing and data export directly from all input masks. Data export with any field sequence as text file (.csv, .txt), dBase (.dbf), Microsoft form letter data, HTML, Excel (.xlsx) or XML.
  • Syntax of all number circles freely definable with prefix and suffix.
  • Access from third-party applications and FileMaker databases to all gFM-Business data tables. When using FileMaker Server, additional access via ODBC/JDBC and PHP sharing.
  • Automatic backups when software is stopped on standalone versions and when gFM-Business Professional is released with FileMaker Pro on the host, maximum number of backups to be created can be set.
  • When used with FileMaker Pro (Advanced), sharing the databases on the network for up to four additional FileMaker Pro/Go client possible.
  • When used with FileMaker Server, databases for FileMaker Pro/Go, FileMaker WebDirect, PHP, ODBC/JDBC, FileMaker 16 and later, and third-party solutions can be hosted on the network or Internet via the REST API.

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