Project management, inventory management, travel expenses

Manage companies, plan projects.

gFM-Business contains integrated statistics modules for customer-related and company-wide statistics with their own masks for annual, monthly and weekly statistics. Bar and line diagrams in all masks with up to five value lists, selectable: Number of actions, number of new customers, number/turnover of offers, number/turnover of orders, number/turnover of invoices, number/turnover of reminders, potential and turnover tax.

In addition, any number of driver’s logbooks for passenger cars used for business purposes can be managed in the company administration. The integrated logbook management supports any number of cars and was developed according to legal requirements with change protocol.

With the integrated functions for project management, even extensive projects can be managed easily and clearly with gFM-Business.

Functions at a glance:

  • Project management for planning and managing individual projects. Any number of processes, files, customers, contact persons, employees, services, documents, quotations, orders, invoices, credit notes and purchase orders can be assigned to each project.
  • Automatic recognition and assignment of incoming and outgoing e-mails to projects with a freely definable match word.
  • Customer-related statistics for each customer as well as company-wide statistics.
  • Own masks for annual, monthly and weekly statistics as well as previous years: number of customers, campaigns, offers, orders, invoices, reminders with corresponding sales values as well as profit, sales tax and potential calculation.
  • Interactive line diagrams, freely definable for all available values.
  • Freely definable statistic records to be able to record recurring periods at lightning speed. Statistical records that have been set up are automatically displayed in customer-related and company-wide statistics.
  • Management of logbooks for any number of passenger cars used for business purposes. Exactly one logbook can be created for each registration number.
  • Input of any number of trips per logbook, printout of any time period, integrated full text search.
  • Legally compliant logbook management with automatic logging of all subsequent changes.
  • Entry of logbook entries from the route management in the CRM module.
  • Inventory management for the management of the company inventory with several locations, own barcode type and automatic calculation of depreciation and monthly costs.
  • Entry of new inventory products from an order or order item as well as from article management.

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