Contact management (CRM)

Contact Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a central module within the gFM business software in which all customers, suppliers and interested parties are managed. Quotations, orders or invoices can be generated directly from a customer data record in the invoicing module, as can correspondence by letter, fax or e-mail.

To select customer data records, you can search for any field available in the database. Data entry is dialog-controlled and supported by integrated databases for postal codes/locations, bank codes/banks and first names for salutations and salutations by letter as well as by the automatic conversion of conventional bank accounts with bank code/account number to BIC/IBAN.

The contact management contains an integrated statistics module for each customer, which displays sales, offers and promotions clearly arranged by years, months or weeks in tabular form and as a configurable graphical diagram.

Features at a glance:

  • Management of customers, suppliers and interested parties in one module.
  • Note list for contacts not yet entered in CRM (acquisition list), entry as CRM contact by mouse click.
  • Any number of addresses, contact persons, actions, appointments and resubmissions per contact data record.
  • Automatic entry of appointments and resubmissions in the calendar with optional reminder by message, e-mail or SMS.
  • Automatic recognition and assignment of incoming and outgoing e-mails to known e-mail addresses from addresses, contacts and, if necessary, additionally maintained e-mail addresses.
  • Action history and resubmissions with any number of file attachments per Action.
  • Up to 20 freely definable customer fields with freely definable input type.
  • Up to 14 freely definable address fields, which can additionally be managed per address with freely definable input type.
  • Up to 15 freely definable fields for contact persons.
  • System-wide short notes (acquisition list) for contacts that have not yet been entered in CRM.
  • Any number of file attachments per historicized action.
  • Address capture with automatic geocoding, display of addresses on a map.
  • Integrated route planning for any number of routes per contact, recording of logbook entries from a route.
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable for accounting.
  • Addresses and contact persons can be defined as standard or protected against deletion.
  • Freely definable fields for individual data storage.
  • Predefinable currency, payment type and price group per contact record.
  • Online check of registered VAT IDs of all companies from the European Union with automatic field marking.
  • Integrated postal code database for automatic maintenance of postal codes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Integrated BLZ database for automatic maintenance of banks.
  • Integrated database for the automatic maintenance of salutations and letter salutations with approx. 40,000 first names.
  • Automatic conversion of traditional bank accounts to BIC/IBAN.
  • Online checking of registered IBAN numbers with automatic Field marker.
  • SEPA mandate administration for the creation of SEPA mandates for payment transactions.
  • Directions with Google Maps connection for all addresses.
  • Appointments and contact persons with connection to Apple calendar and contacts as well as Microsoft Outlook.
  • Import addresses from Mac OS X Address Book (Mac OS X only)
  • Import of customers from online shops: Shopware 5.x, Gambio GX3, WooCommerce for WordPress
  • Export of appointments and contact persons as . ics file and as vCard for use in other applications.
  • Automated billing of services (service recording / time recording)
  • Integrated ticket system with automatic assignment of incoming and outgoing e-mails to the corresponding tickets.
  • Flexible resubmission lists, callable per clerk
  • Automatic entry of resubmission data in the group calendar.
  • Display of sales and offers as customer statistics for the last 12 months in each customer data record
  • Extensive customer statistics with annual, monthly and weekly statistics as well as previous years: number of campaigns, offers, orders, invoices, reminders with corresponding sales values as well as sales tax and potential analysis.
  • Document overview: Displays all invoicing documents, correspondence and bank transfers assigned to the customer.
  • Display customer bank postings if bank details and bank postings have been maintained.
  • Scan and archive customer-related documents and contact business cards with support for scanners with 32-bit TWAIN drivers for Windows or Mac OS X.
  • AutomaticOCR text recognition when scanning paper documents with dictionaries for German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • Printing of information on stored data in accordance with the DSGVO Art. 15.
  • Printing of address labels with support of Dymo label printers and special purpose labels.
  • Printing and data export directly from all input masks. Data export with any field sequence as text file (.csv, .txt), dBase (.dbf), Microsoft form letter data, HTML, Excel (.xlsx) or XML.
  • Data import of address data from external text files, databases and Excel tables.

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