Document management, e-mail, archiving

Correspondence and Document Management

The document management of gFM-Business contains outgoing correspondence by letter, fax and e-mail as well as the document archive of all scanned paper documents. Any letter from the Correspondence module can be generated directly from a customer data record. In this part of the program, templates can also be created on which later cover letters or serial letters are to be based.

Thanks to the flexible printing system, all print layouts can be designed completely individually – it doesn’t matter how many pages the desired document has, what content or graphic elements. All of FileMaker’s built-in tools are available for creating or changing print layouts, so documents can be designed as if they were in a DTP or word processing program.

In addition, the correspondence module supports more than 30 placeholders to display individual information from the database in the documents. If desired, an automatic action can be generated in the corresponding customer with the printout of a document, which can also contain a resubmission date.

If correspondence management is used consistently, programs such as Microsoft Word can be dispensed with, and all outgoing correspondence is automatically assigned to the corresponding customer data.

gFM-Business supports the sending of e-mails and newsletters via any number of sending addresses with separate SMTP servers. When creating e-mails, the company software makes it possible to send graphic e-mails based on an HTML template. With the preview function, the e-mail can already be viewed in gFM Business as it will later arrive at the recipient.

Functions in the Correspondence Module:

  • correspondence management with template system for written correspondence directly from the database.
  • Automatic action that is assigned when the action history is printed in the contact record.
  • Any number of templates on the basis of which customer-related documents can be created.
  • More than 30 placeholders of master data and customer-related data for individual correspondence.
  • Display of all incoming and outgoing e-mails, filterable by account with full text search.
  • Single and serial printing as well as sending of e-mails and newsletters.
  • Sending e-mails and newsletters with HTML template directly via SMTP server.
  • Management of any number of e-mail sending addresses and login data for SMTP servers.
  • Personal address through the use of stored contact persons and salutations.
  • Any number of file attachments per record.
  • Send documents and attachments by e-mail.
  • Signature field for cover letters with automated signature.
  • Printing and data export directly from all input masks. Data export with any field sequence as text file (.csv, .txt), dBase (.dbf), Microsoft form letter data, HTML, Excel (.xlsx) or XML.
  • Document archive of all scanned paper documents with integrated full text search.
  • Event log that records every change to the database.

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