Manage articles, inventory, suppliers and batches

Product management

Both material and service articles can be managed in the article management of gFM Business. Articles selected for services can be selected for time recording/service log. With the help of article attributes, any product variants can be mapped. The article management of gFM-Business is thus optimally prepared for interfaces to any online shop system.

gFM-Business supports the generation of EAN13 codes as well as the reading of EAN13 codes with the camera of an Apple iPad, with which product photos can also be taken at the push of a button. Any number of suppliers with discount scales can be created for each article. Each article can be available at any number of locations. Like every program part in gFM Business, the article management also contains an event log that records every change to the database.

Online shop interfaces on REST-API basis

gFM-Business contains an integrated interface to the online shop systems Shopware 5, Gambio GX3 and WooCommerce for WordPress. With the integrated interface, customers, articles and shop orders (either as an order or as an invoice) can be transferred to the gFM Business ERP software. The import can be done with a selection window for the selection of desired data records or automatically with import of all newest data.

gFM-Business free and Basic allow the connection to an online shop, gFM-Business Light and Professional have a multishop-capable interface for the connection to any number of online shops, even in mixed environments.

All functions at a glance:

  • Management of material and service articles.
  • Freely definable selection fields.
  • Automatic calculation for up to three different sales prices (recommended, minimum VK, online VK).
  • Articles can be created in different currencies.
  • Automatic generation of EAN13 codes, e.g. for list printing.
  • Own barcode type for all articles.
  • Any number of price groups with the support of graduated prices.
  • Import of articles from online shops: Shopware 5.x, Gambio GX3, WooCommerce for WordPress, optional adjustment of the stock of gFM-Business in the online shop
  • iPad: Scan barcodes with the iPad camera.
  • iPad: Capture product photos directly with the iPad camera.
  • Any number of article attributes per article for entering product variants.
  • Parts lists for the automatic stock posting of any number of related articles.
  • Combination article for the automatic addition of any number of additional document items per article.
  • Accessories for the management of any number of related articles.
  • Any number of suppliers per article with calculation of the lowest purchase price.
  • Management of the article stock under consideration of any number of locations and branches.
  • Stock reservation from order items with display of all reserved products.
  • Inventory list with overview of all article inventories at all locations.
  • Inventory log with automatic recording of all changes in inventory.
  • Integrated batch management with automatic posting when stock is posted according to the FIFO principle.
  • Capture of inventory products from article management out.
  • Four freely definable article revenue accounts for bookings.
  • Marker for inventory and management of the last inventory.
  • Printing and data export directly from all input masks. Data export with any field sequence as text file (.csv, .txt), dBase (.dbf), Microsoft form letter data, HTML, Excel (.xlsx) or XML.
  • Print item labels with support from Dymo label printers and special purpose labels.
  • Data import of articles from external text files, databases and Excel tables.
  • Capture HTML article descriptions with preview and support for search engine friendly metadata with optional interface.
  • Event log that records every change to the database.

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