Open License - Expand ERP system with FileMaker yourself

gfm-business-offenWith the open license of gFM-Business you have the possibility to customize and extend the FileMaker-based CRM and enterprise resource planning system according to your individual needs. The software thus represents a cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to ERP systems such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics and runs on Mac, Windows and iOS. The open license includes full administrative rights and allows you to customize and extend all FileMaker features such as field definitions, relationship graphs, scripts, value lists, and layouts. The package also includes the original FileMaker Training Series: Basics and FileMaker Training Series Advanced to quickly explore the power of FileMaker and gFM business. If required, additional personal coaching sessions can be used to find solutions to your individual questions via remote maintenance directly on your computer.

Rapid Development with FileMaker.

gFM-Business is based on the FileMaker platform and thus offers all functions of the modern database system FileMaker – Cross Platform on Mac OS X, Windows and iOS. In addition, you benefit from the advantages of the gFM business platform, which optimally supports the adaptation or development of new functions through the use of system-wide dynamic navigation, integrated layout templates for Mac OS X, Windows and iPad as well as integrated user administration. In this way, adaptations and new functions can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

More Rapid Development with gFM Business.

The CRM, invoicing and merchandise management system gFM-Business is based on the FileMaker platform and offers all functions and advantages of FileMaker. The gFM-Business software line also offers numerous other advantages for customizing and extending the to make it easier for you:

  • DynamicNavigation – Dynamic navigation allows you to add new screens across the system in no time at all. Simply copy an existing layout or a layout template, assign the layout to a module in gFM-Business, and a new screen template is available. The dynamic navigation allows any modules and submodules to be shown or hidden for specific users.
  • Dynamic main menu – Like the navigation, the main menu is also dynamic and allows the user-related display of menu items. You can add a new menu item to the main menu with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Screen Mask Templates – Easily add new screen templates for Mac OS X, Windows, and iPad using layout templates.
  • Integrated Custom Functions – gFM-Business already contains numerous custom functions for use in formulas and scripts.
  • Integrated Standard Scripts – gFM-Business contains many integrated scripts for standard tasks. For example, if you add a new document type, existing scripts only need to be extended in a simple way to get full functionality for the new document type.
  • Dynamic import system – gFM-Business has a dynamic import system for importing data, which allows any number of data imports from different sources to be realized. Simply add your desired data import, expand the value list for the data import accordingly, and the new data import is already available in gFM-Business.
  • Integrated Print System – The integrated print system makes it easy to add new print layouts system-wide.
  • Program code and data separated – If only changes to the program code and data are made If the program code is executed, only the main database ‘gFM_Business.fmp12’ has to be updated. All data remains after an update.

With FileMaker and the open license, you can:

  • Customize and extend all screen masks for Mac/Windows and iPad
  • Add new screens for Mac/Windows and iPad
  • Adapt existing function scripts according to individual requirements
  • Add new function scripts in all modules
  • Edit and add data tables in all modules
  • Edit and add fields in all modules
  • Add interfaces to any third-party systems
  • Edit and add your own functions* (Custom Functions*)
  • Editing and adding FileMaker value lists

* FileMaker Pro Advanced required

…in a nutshell: With FileMaker and the open license of gFM-Business, you can customize and extend the entire software according to your needs. With the exception of some system scripts and a system table, all parts of the FileMaker database can be edited according to individual requirements.

All texts customizable in all languages

gFM-Business Custom Professional and the open license allow the adaptation of all texts of the entire ERP software in all languages. Thus, it is possible to rename parts or whole modules in gFM-Business for use in own processes. The software supports automatic translation of language sentences or entire language packs using Google Translate or Deepl Pro (own API key required).

Sprachmodul in der gFM-Business ERP-Software

Integrated development environment

The open license of gFM-Business contains an integrated development environment for users with administration rights to optimally support the adaptation and extension of the software. Each file immediately shows which tables the file contains and whether the file contains system-relevant fields, value lists, custom functions, layouts or scripts. All dialogs for the administration of the database and its components can be called up directly with a mouse click. All contained data tables have their own administration layouts, which can be selected by mouse click.

Add new screen or iPad layouts in the development environment with just a few clicks of the mouse, which can be Assignment to a module automatically appear in the system-wide navigation and in the main menu.

Changes to Screen Templates with Layout Log

The integrated development environment automatically saves all changes to screen masks in a layout log. In addition to date and clerk, screenshots of the mask are automatically taken before and after the changes. After changing a mask, a dialog appears for the optional entry of further documentation for changing the screen mask.

Customizable online shop interfaces on REST API basis

The REST API-based online shop interface included in all versions of gFM-Business is available as standard for Shopware 5.x, WooCommerce and Gambio GX3.

With the open license, the integrated online shop interface can be adapted and extended according to individual requirements. It is also possible to extend the interface for any other online shop system with RESTful API. Every shop system in gFM-Business uses exactly one script. For the extension of the interface by a further shop system, a script of an existing shop system can simply be copied and adapted for use with a new shop system. Further suitable shop systems with REST-API are Magento, OXID or PrestaShop.

Software made in Germany

gFM-Business is registered by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (Federal Association of IT SMEs). (BITMi) with the seal of approval “Software Made in Germany”.

Dr. Oliver Grün, BITMi President and Board Member of GRÜN Software AG, presented the seal of approval to According to Grün, the product “gFM-Business” is characterized above all by user-friendliness, flexibility, a well thought-out design and cost efficiency. In addition, the product is flanked by competent customer service and has already proven itself successfully in practice.

Optional bundle with FileMaker Pro Advanced

With the gFM-Business ERP software, you can also purchase one or more FileMaker Pro Advanced licenses at a favorable bundle price. The optional FileMaker Software Bundle includes one year of software maintenance including all updates and upgrades. So you’ll usually receive the latest version of FileMaker Pro Advanced and, once released, the next.

Use FileMaker Pro to run a multi-user license of gFM Business on a network on Mac or Windows computers. With FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can customize and extend your print layouts in all versions of gFM Business. With a customizing license, FileMaker Pro Advanced allows you to customize and extend screen masks and list views, and with an open license, you can customize and extend all of your ERP software.

FileMaker Pro Advanced also enables you to develop your own database solutions to manage any data that can also access data from gFM business. All licenses of gFM-Business allow access to all data tables of external FileMaker solutions. Use your own FileMaker solutions to process data from gFM business or to transfer any data into gFM business, for example from other databases or applications.

The open license is available in two versions:

gFM-Business Open License Basic

This open license contains all functions of gFM-Business free/basic as a basis: contact and address management, correspondence management with template system, article management and invoicing for entering offers, orders, invoices, delivery notes and credit notes. Modules and functions from gFM-Business Professional can be booked for a fee. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Open License Professional

This open license contains all functions of gFM-Business Professional as a basis and thus has the full range of functions. The open license Professional can also be purchased in combination with an open license of the online shop interface for Gambio-based online shops. Of course, the interface can also be individually adapted and extended for your own requirements.

Open license for FileMaker developers

If you are a FileMaker developer and do not have a basic CRM and enterprise resource planning system, you can purchase an Open License of gFM-Business for your customer and customize and extend it for your customer. Thanks to system-wide dynamic navigation and iPad integration, new functions can be implemented quickly and easily on the gFM business platform.

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