Cash book

What is a cash book?

In a cash book, all payment transactions of a company (cash deposits, cash withdrawals, deposits and withdrawals) are listed in tabular form. Cashbook software is available from various manufacturers for all common operating systems such as macOS and Windows. Each line (data record) in a cash book has an entry date and a sequential number, the amount of the entry, the debit and credit account, an entry text and, if necessary, a reference, such as an invoice from which the entry results. With modern ERP software, postings can usually be exported as a posting batch, e.g. in DATEV format, and further processed in other programs or passed on to a tax consultant. The generated file of the booking batch contains all data necessary for the generation of booking records in the corresponding accounting software.

Invoice and cash book in the gFM-Business ERP software

The gFM-Business ERP software for Mac, Windows and iOS contains in the module [Invoice] the area [Cash book], which can be called up in the left navigation. The [Cash book] mask displays the accounting list of a period that can be selected in the upper area:

Cash book in the [Invoice] module of the gFM-Business ERP software

booking records in detail

Each row in the list corresponds to a general ledger entry which, in the case of split entries, can also consist of several entries. If an entry results from a document, a preview image of the document is displayed at the beginning of the entry, which can be enlarged by clicking on it. Each accounting record has the following additional fields:

  • Receipt (PDF file of the receipt)
  • booking no. (current booking number)
  • date (date of entry)
  • booking text
  • debit account
  • account
  • Cost center (selection list can be defined in settings)
  • amount >/li>
  • DATEV amount flag
  • DATEV Control key (optional)

Clicking on the pictogram in the [Document] column opens a larger preview window for displaying the PDF document. A further click on the document in the preview window opens the PDF file in Acrobat Reader or Preview.

Automatic bookings

Invoice and credit memo documents are automatically created as accounting records in gFM-Business if this option is activated and the specifications of the payment types contain corresponding accounting accounts. When an invoice or credit memo is posted, a corresponding posting record is then automatically created with the specified posting accounts and reference to the original document. If an invoice or credit memo already posted is cancelled, the corresponding accounting record is removed from the Cash book.

Entry new entries

The [+] symbol in the upper right corner of the window can be used to enter new transactions. The following categories are available in gFM-Business:

  • book issue
  • Book revenue
  • Booking for receivables
  • Enter manual entry

The following input fields are available in the entry dialog for a new entry:

  • booking date
  • booking text
  • tax rate
  • debit account
  • account
  • cost center
  • Invoice-ID

Data export of accounting records

With the booking status, gFM-Business automatically remembers which bookings have already been exported in the past. Transactions that have not yet been exported can be exported to an external file using the function [Transaction export]. The following export formats are available:

  • MonkeyOffice>/li>
  • Individual data format with adjustable field sequence

The data export functions are only available on Mac and Windows, but not on iOS.

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