Agency software

What is an agency software?

An Agency software enables advertising agencies and other agencies to clearly arrange and manage all company data such as projects, contacts or accounting documents in a structured way. In most cases, the aim is to support recurring work processes (workflows) as optimally as possible through the agency software, thereby saving time and reducing costs (more…)

Bank X

Online banking with Bank X for macOS and iOS

Bank X (“Bank Ten”) is an online banking software (home banking) that runs on macOS-based Apple systems. For access to accounts and securities accounts, the software offers all common transfer and security standards such as HBCI with file or chip card, PIN/TAN, iTAN, mTAN, ChipTAN or Sm@artTAN. Bank X enables easy offline processing of transfers and direct debits and the storage of account statements in the software’s database. The online banking software is also available with Bank X Mobile as a version for iOS.  (more…)

Batch management

Batch management is used for the article-related storage of goods deliveries in order to be able to trace the delivery and, if necessary, the expiry date of an article back to the document item. A batch is marked with a unique number (LOT no.) and can contain any number of article items. For medical technology companies, the traceability of all goods from the application on the patient back to the raw material is an essential requirement of ISO 13485:2016. Thus, all purchased materials and products must always be marked with the respective batch number and this number must be traceable in case of product recalls or searches. (more…)

Cash book

What is a cash book?

In a cash book, all payment transactions of a company (cash deposits, cash withdrawals, deposits and withdrawals) are listed in tabular form. Cashbook software is available from various manufacturers for all common operating systems such as macOS and Windows. Each line (data record) in a cash book has an entry date and a sequential number, the amount of the entry, the debit and credit account, an entry text and, if necessary, a reference, such as an invoice from which the entry results. With modern ERP software, postings can usually be exported as a posting batch, e.g. in DATEV format, and further processed in other programs or passed on to a tax consultant. The generated file of the booking batch contains all data necessary for the generation of booking records in the corresponding accounting software. (more…)


What is a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management)?

CRM is the abbreviation for “Customer Relationship Management”, or in German “Kundenbeziehungspflege”. A CRM system is used to manage customer-related data in a structured way in order to optimize business processes in sales. In an integrated business software, the stored customer data is also used for other operational processes such as the creation of receipts (more…)

Customer management

What is customer management?

With a Customer management system customers, suppliers and other contacts can be stored, edited and managed. A customer administration is also called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and contains many other functions around the administration of contacts and addresses (more…)

Enterprise software

What is an enterprise software?

The term Enterprise software is generally used to describe software products that can be used to support certain processes in companies. A typical enterprise software as ERP contains modules for customer management (CRM), address management, document management and administration of correspondence, a module for invoicing of receipts, an article management and possibly further modules, possibly also modules adapted to the processes of the enterprise. Read more >>>

Gambio GX2

What is Gambio GX2?

Gambio GX2 is an online shop system that is widely used in Germany and has been on the market for many years. Technically, Gambio GX2 is a further development of the open source system xt:Commerce, which in turn is a spin-off of os:Commerce. Gambio GX2 has a mature template system and costs 149 euros plus 19% VAT. Read more >>>