Cash book

What is a cash book?

In a cash book, all payment transactions of a company (cash deposits, cash withdrawals, deposits and withdrawals) are listed in tabular form. Cashbook software is available from various manufacturers for all common operating systems such as macOS and Windows. Each line (data record) in a cash book has an entry date and a sequential number, the amount of the entry, the debit and credit account, an entry text and, if necessary, a reference, such as an invoice from which the entry results. With modern ERP software, postings can usually be exported as a posting batch, e.g. in DATEV format, and further processed in other programs or passed on to a tax consultant. The generated file of the booking batch contains all data necessary for the generation of booking records in the corresponding accounting software. (more…)


What is a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management)?

CRM is the abbreviation for “Customer Relationship Management”, or in German “Kundenbeziehungspflege”. A CRM system is used to manage customer-related data in a structured way in order to optimize business processes in sales. In an integrated business software, the stored customer data is also used for other operational processes such as the creation of receipts (more…)

Customer management

What is customer management?

With a Customer management system customers, suppliers and other contacts can be stored, edited and managed. A customer administration is also called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and contains many other functions around the administration of contacts and addresses (more…)