Enterprise software

What is an enterprise software?

The term Enterprise software is generally used to describe software products that can be used to support certain processes in companies. A typical enterprise software as ERP contains modules for customer management (CRM), address management, document management and administration of correspondence, a module for invoicing of receipts, an article management and possibly further modules, possibly also modules adapted to the processes of the enterprise.

Products and manufacturers

Business software is available across all industries from different manufacturers for different target groups in different sizes. For almost every industry there is additional industry-specific software, which is tailored to the specific needs of companies in the respective industry. Large manufacturers of enterprise software are for example SAP, Oracle or also Microsoft. However, business software of this type is often associated with high investment volumes.

Enterprise software on the FileMaker platform

Users looking for cross-platform enterprise software for Mac, Windows and iOS will sooner or later come across the FileMaker platform. FileMaker is a database management system (DBMS) that allows you to create custom databases for MacOS, Windows, iOS and web browsers. This means that solutions created on the FileMaker platform can be run cross-platform on MacOS, Windows, iOS and via browser on Linux and Android.

gFM-Business as FileMaker-based enterprise software

The CRM, billing and merchandise management system gFM-Business is based on the FileMaker platform and represents an integrated business software with many modules. The software is optimized for display on Windows, MacOS and Apple iPad.

Article management in the gFM-Business merchandise management system

Licenses for different requirements

The single-user version gFM-Business Light is suitable for sole traders and freelancers. gFM-Business Professional is suitable for shared access in a network.

Customizing for individual extension

With gFM-Business Custom and the open license the software can be adapted and extended according to individual specifications.

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