Favorite buttons

Favorite buttons in gFM-Business

On each screen, up to five favorite buttons can be defined for each user in the function bar of the gFM-Business enterprise software, whereby it is possible to define different favorite buttons for each user. Favourite buttons are used to execute frequently used functions with a single click and no longer have to be selected via the function menu of the main function.<!–more Read more >>>->

Setting up the root favorites

Under the menu item [Settings > Appearance > Buttons] all root favorites can be defined. All favorite buttons set here are automatically applied to the user settings when a new user is created. To define a button as a favorite button, click on the desired button in the desired mask and select a function to be executed with the button.

Settings-Favorite button root

Setting up the Favorite buttons for users

Under the menu item [Settings > User > Buttons] all favorite buttons of a user can be defined. To define a button as a favorite button for a user, first select the user for whom the favorite button is to be set up under [Current user]. Then click on the desired button in the desired mask and select a function to be performed with the button. As soon as the user logs on to gFM-Business, the corresponding favorites button appears on the specified screen.

Setting up favorites buttons for users

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