Parts lists

With bills of material, production articles can be mapped in an article management system that consists of several other articles. In a bill of materials, any number of other articles required for the production of the (main) article can be assigned to an article. If a produced article with an existing bill of material is booked out in a document, all articles contained in the bill of material are automatically booked out of the warehouse stock (more…)

Popover button

What is a popover button in FileMaker?

In FileMaker databases, a pop-up button is a button that, when clicked, opens a pop-up window in which additional layout elements can be placed. The popover window appears above all other layout elements and can be scaled to the same maximum size as the visible layout area. Popover keys are used when a lot of information has to be displayed in a small space or as an information window for connected information from other databases. Read more >>>

Popup menu

What is a pop-up menu in FileMaker?

FileMaker Inspector: pop-up menuIn FileMaker databases, a pop-up menu is a field formatting feature that opens a pop-up menu with values when the user selects the field. The values can be taken from any value list. Unlike a drop-down list, a drop-down menu does not allow values to be entered manually into a field. However, a function can be activated with which individual values can also be entered. Read more >>>


What is a portal in FileMaker?

A portal in FileMaker is used to display records from a related table. The term portal is also used for a portal in German-speaking countries. A portal can be placed at any position within a FileMaker layout, with one restriction: portals cannot be placed within pop-up windows. Read more >>>

Primary key

What is a primary key in FileMaker?

A primary key is a field within a data table, with which a record (tuple) of a relation (related table) can be identified unambiguously. The primary key is the own key within a main table, which has the prefix “_pk_” in the FileMaker based gFM-Business-Framework, e.g. “_pk_Customer_ID”. Read more >>>

Product management

What is a product management?

A product management is in most cases part of an invoicing or merchandise management system and serves to store and manage products and services. In this context, the term article master is often used, because the products stored in an article management system can be inserted as items in invoices and other documents. (more…)

Project management

What is Project management?

With a project management software, any projects can be planned and all participants as well as required processes and documents can be stored centrally within a project data record. Software for the administration of projects is available on the market in different forms, also industry-specific software solutions for project management are offered. (more…)