Quick search

The quick search in gFM-Business

Since version 13 the FileMaker platform has a function for the quick find of records. The search can be performed using any (calculated) expression. Read more >>>>–>

Include or exclude fields in the quick search

Enable quick find in FileMaker InspectorA field selected in FileMaker Layout mode can be included or excluded from quick find in the Inspector. To do this, click on the desired field in Layout mode and select the option [Include field in Quick Find] in the Inspector under the tab [Data], which can be found in the area [Behavior].

perform quick search in script

In the script editor or script workspace, the area [Result Sets] contains the command

perform quick search []

available. The value to be searched for in all fields in which the quick search is activated is specified as a parameter. The formula editor is available for the specification of the search term, so that calculated values can also be searched for.

Quick search in gFM-Business

Quick search in gFM-BusinessIn all list views, there is a search field labeled [Quick search] in the toolbar at the top right of the screen. If any search term is entered in the search field, gFM-Business searches for the entered search term almost in real time. All relevant information can be used as a search term. In the Customer module, for example, the customer number, name, street, postal code, city, or even the name of a clerk who has been entered for support or acquisition can be searched for. In contrast to the search mode in the form view, the quick search in a list view does not require the search mode to be activated first.

Remove search term from search field

The search field for the quick search has a button on the right-hand side that can be used to undo the current search. After clicking on the grey button, the search term in the search field is removed and all records of the active database are retrieved.