What is a script in FileMaker?

With a Script any processes in a FileMaker database can be executed automatically. FileMaker supports the creation of any number of scripts per database, which in turn (theoretically) can contain any number of commands. With script parameters any parameters can be passed between scripts. Read more >>>

Script trigger

What is a script trigger in FileMaker?

Script triggers are used in FileMaker to automatically execute a script during certain user interactions. Script triggers can be assigned to objects, layouts, and in the file options. You can define when exactly the script should be executed, for example, before an event, during an event, or after an event. Read more >>>


What is Shopware?

Shopware is an online shop system which is very common in the German-speaking countries and has been on the market since 2004. Shopware is available with the Community Edition as open source and with the Enterprise Editions as a commercial system with extended functionality. The store system has enjoyed a strong increase in popularity in recent years, and numerous module extensions are available for the system. Read more >>>


What is SQL and what is SQL used for?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a database language with which databases can be created and edited and existing data sets within databases can be queried. The database language has a relatively simple structure and is based on English colloquial language. If an SQL query is sent to a database server, all commands in the query are processed in sequence. (more…)

Starter solution

What is a FileMaker Starter Solution?

For several years, FileMaker Pro (Advanced) has been delivered with a variety of Starter Solutions. A Starter Solution is a small FileMaker database that has a specific functionality and can be customized and extended by the user to meet individual requirements.

A new Starter Solution can be created via the FileMaker menu bar under the item [File > Direct start…]. After selecting this menu item, a direct start window appears in which the following actions can be performed (more…)