Value list

What is a value list in FileMaker?

A value list in the FileMaker environment is a list of values that can be used within the FileMaker solution, for example in drop-down lists, pop-up menus or checkboxes. A value list can consist of either predefined static values or dynamic values generated from the database itself. The definition of value lists in FileMaker is done under the menu item [File > Manage > Value lists]. Read more >>>


What is a variable in FileMaker?

A variable in FileMaker databases is an element in the Calculation or Script Editor that can be used to temporarily store data. A variable is identified by the dollar sign $. FileMaker distinguishes between local and global variables, with local variables being identified by one dollar sign ($variable) and global variables by two dollar signs ($$variable). Variables are extremely flexible and can store nearly all field contents, including container fields. (more…)