The main menu in gFM-Business

In the business software gFM-Business, the main menu is the central control point, which is started as the first mask after the software is started. From the main menu, all modules of gFM-Business can be opened with a mouse click. The main menu also contains statistical evaluations of the most important key data as well as a graphic statistic as a diagram for the turnover, submitted offers, the profit, sold articles and services and new customers from the last 12 months. Additional tabs can be used to call up further functions directly in the main menu.

Start program modules

Call modules in the main menuOn the left side of the main menu there are buttons for starting all program modules of gFM-Business, arranged in three columns. Each button is marked with the color of the respective program module. Masks that are accessible under a tab button are marked in a slightly lighter color. The main menu allows direct access to all form and list views by mouse click.

User-defined display of program modules

All buttons in the main menu of gFM-Business can be customized for each user separately to provide each user only with the menu items that are actually needed. The adjustment of the menu items to be displayed per user can be done under [Settings > User > Main menu].

Settings - User - Main menu.

To make the settings for a specific user, first select the desired user in the upper right corner under [Current User]. You can now show or hide all existing menu items for a user in the column [Main menu]. The next time the user logs on to the software, only the menu items activated here will appear in the main menu. If the hidden modules should also be hidden in the navigation, these settings can be made in the column [Visibility]. The corresponding menu items are then hidden in the main menu as well as in the navigation, i.e. completely.

Main Menu > Statistics

The right column of the main menu contains the tab buttons [Statistics], [Events], [Edit], [OP], [Stock] and [Info]. The first tab shows a statistical evaluation of the most important data as well as a graphical statistic of the last 12 months as a diagram. Furthermore, due recurring invoices, open items as well as due reminders from dunning level 1 and 2 are displayed, which can be called up directly by mouse click.

Statistics in main menu

Main menu > Events

Under the tab [Events] there are three list views that show the next events, due resubmissions and the last events (last changes). All events displayed here can be called up and edited directly with a mouse click.

Events in gFM-Business main menu

Main menu > Editing

Under the tab [Editing], gFM-Business displays in the main menu all customers from the CRM last edited by the current user, the last edited correspondence and last edited items from the item management. All entries can be accessed directly from the list with a mouse click.

List of last edited data in the main menu

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