Parts lists

With bills of material, production articles can be mapped in an article management system that consists of several other articles. In a bill of materials, any number of other articles required for the production of the (main) article can be assigned to an article. If a produced article with an existing bill of material is booked out in a document, all articles contained in the bill of material are automatically booked out of the warehouse stock

Bill of materials, combination items and accessories in the gFM-Business ERP software

The article management of the gFM Business ERP Software supports the creation of parts lists, combination articles and accessories. Any number of other articles can be assigned to an article. The mask for entering parts lists, combination articles and accessories can be called up under [Article > Parts list].


  • Bills of material – All contained articles are automatically booked out of the stock when the main article is booked out
  • Combi-items – When the main item is added to a document, all accessories are automatically added to the document as well
  • Accessories – Assign any number of accessories to an article for internal information purposes. This function can also be extended for other processes in a version that can be customized.

When entering parts lists, combination items and accessories, the individual and total prices as well as the stock levels are displayed for informative purposes, for example to calculate the final price of the product on this basis.

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