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What is a popover button in FileMaker?

In FileMaker databases, a pop-up button is a button that, when clicked, opens a pop-up window in which additional layout elements can be placed. The popover window appears above all other layout elements and can be scaled to the same maximum size as the visible layout area. Popover keys are used when a lot of information has to be displayed in a small space or as an information window for connected information from other databases.

Add a popover button

Layout mode toolbarTo add a new pop-up button to the current layout, first use the menu command [View > Layout mode] to enter layout mode in FileMaker. Now click with the mouse in the FileMaker toolbar on the button tool (to the right of the field tool) and hold the mouse button down. Select [Popover key] from the pop-up menu. Now drag a new popover key onto your layout in the position you want while holding down the mouse button. As soon as you release the mouse button, a new popover key is created at the corresponding position and the cursor is positioned in the key field where you can immediately label the key.

Popover Settings

A double click on the new popover button opens the popover window, and a further double click on the popover window opens its settings.

Popover settings

title bar of the popover window

Enter a title for the pop-up window in the first field. Click the [Specify…] button to specify a calculated value as the title. Use the checkbox [Show title bar] to show or hide the title bar in the popover window.

Position of the popover window

With the buttons below you can specify from which direction the popover window should open in relation to the popover key. If there is not enough space to display the pop-up window in the desired position, FileMaker may display the pop-up window in a different position.

Script trigger of the pop-up window

With the button [Set Script Triggers] the following script triggers can be defined for the popup window:

>Enter atObject>/strong>>/li>
>for objectChange>/strong>>>li>

Script triggers are very well suited for controlling input in pop-up windows. For example, field contents can be pre-filled with a script trigger “OnObjectEnter” and field contents can be read out or entered into the database with a script trigger “OnObjectExit”.

Settings in the Inspector

In the Inspector you can make various settings for the entire appearance of a popup window. In the area [Appearance] all options for the popover window frame and the popover content can be set separately.

Open popover window via script

An important specification in the Inspector is the name of the object in the area [Position]. This can be used to open the popover window in a script with the function [Go to Object]. Please note at this point that the name of the popover window is decisive for opening the popover window, not the name of the popover key.

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