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What is a related table in FileMaker?

A related table in a database is a table that is linked to the current table by a certain criterion. For example, if you are currently in a FileMaker database in which customer data is displayed, the tables Contact person, Addresses or Documents would be related tables to the main table Customer data.

Related tables can be linked to each other using various criteria. The classic case is 1:n linking, where one record in the main table is linked to several records in related tables.

1:n relationship in FileMaker

Each related table is linked by the primary key (_pk) of the main table with the foreign key _fk_customer_ID of the related table. If the customer ID matches, the record in the related table belongs to the called customer, and there can be any number of records in the related table with matching customer ID.

In FileMaker databases, tables can be linked in many ways. For example, you can specify whether the related criteria are equal to or less (or equal to) or greater (or equal to) or not equal to each other or should equal all of them.

If global fields are used as keys of the main table, they can be used to script hierarchical structures in portals. If the user selects a row in the portal, a script updates the global key for the second portal.

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