What is a FileMaker Runtime?

A FileMaker Runtime is a database solution created with FileMaker Pro Advanced that requires no additional license from FileMaker Pro to run. The Runtime contains all the components required to run the database and can be created for Windows or Mac OS X. It creates a primary database file that can be run as an application on Windows or Mac OS X. If the FileMaker database consists of multiple files, all associated database files are also integrated into the runtime solution and automatically connected by the primary database file.

Create runtime with FileMaker Pro Advanced

A runtime solution can only be created with FileMaker Pro Advanced. The menu item for this is located in the menu bar under [Tools > Development Tools]. Use the [Add] button to add all FileMaker databases that belong to the corresponding solution. In the [Project Folder] area, specify a directory where the created solution files will be created. In the [Solution Options] area, specify how FileMaker should create the runtime solution:

Creating a FileMaker runtime solution

  • Specify a name for [runtime name] under which the new FileMaker runtime solution should be created.
  • Indicate any key under [Binding key] with which the solution should be bound. If you want the runtime solution to be compatible with later runtime solutions, make sure that you specify the same binding key here.
  • Under [Extension] you can specify a file extension that the created database files should have.
  • As final screen you can specify your own image and a corresponding delay in seconds how long the image should be displayed when the solution is finished. The image should have a resolution of 382 x 176 pixels.
  • [Remove administrator access from files permanently] option. In this solution, FileMaker Pro will no longer be able to make changes that require administrator privileges.
  • When you activate the Kiosk mode, the FileMaker database is started in a kind of full screen mode.



limitations of a FileMaker Runtime

The primary database file of a FileMaker Runtime contains all the important functions from FileMaker, except for the following:

  • submenu under [File/File] is not available in a FileMaker Runtime.
  • A FileMaker Runtime cannot access other databases over the network.
  • Importing via ODBC, using external ODBC data sources, and the Execute SQL script step to external databases are not supported.
  • Adobe PDF files cannot be created in a FileMaker Runtime.
  • A FileMaker Runtime does not support displaying numerical values as a graph.

Open a Runtime with FileMaker

Database files of a runtime solution can also be opened with FileMaker. All access rights of the corresponding user account are available. If administrator privileges were removed in the runtime solution during binding, they are no longer available in a runtime with FileMaker Pro.

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