What is a database?

A database (database system, DBS) is classically understood as a software program with which large amounts of data can be stored and managed efficiently, unambiguously and without contradiction. A data base system usually consists of a data base management system (DBMS) as well as the data to be administered (DB), also called database. Read more >>>


What is meant by digitization?

Digitization is generally used as a generic term for the conversion from analog (physical) to digital management of data of all kinds. Managing data with pen and paper offers the advantage of being able to easily store all stored data according to the desired scheme (calendar, address book or notepad). But the list of disadvantages is unfortunately long: The data is only available once where it was written down and cannot be used for other actions such as cover letters, e-mail or even for business and receipts at the push of a button. The susceptibility to errors is high because data must be re-entered for further processing. Long-term archiving of paper documents is also complex and often requires a lot of space. (more…)

Script trigger

What is a script trigger in FileMaker?

Script triggers are used in FileMaker to automatically execute a script during certain user interactions. Script triggers can be assigned to objects, layouts, and in the file options. You can define when exactly the script should be executed, for example, before an event, during an event, or after an event. Read more >>>