gFM-Business Custom Basic, network license for 1 more user

gFM-Business Basic Netzplatzlizenz


    • -75 €

Product Description

Network license for 1 additional user to gFM-Business Custom Basic

gFM-Business Custom Basic for Mac OS X, Windows and Apple iPad – Network license for further simultaneous access. This license requires a gFM-Business Custom Basic Multi-User License.

gFM-Business Basic is the unlimited version of the free merchandise management system gFM-Business free for Mac OS X, Windows and iPad with integrated customer and address management, correspondence management with template system, article management as well as invoicing for the creation of offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes and reminders. The calculation program allows the creation of any number of data records in all modules.

In the custom version, you can adjust and enhance print layouts and all screen templates and list views according to your individual requirements.

Suitable for start-ups and sole proprietorships

gFM-Business Basic is based on the large versions gFM-Business Light and Professional and offers the same ease of input with integrated databases for bank codes/BIC, salutations and postal codes.


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