What is a variable in FileMaker?

A variable in FileMaker databases is an element in the Calculation or Script Editor that can be used to temporarily store data. A variable is identified by the dollar sign $. FileMaker distinguishes between local and global variables, with local variables being identified by one dollar sign ($variable) and global variables by two dollar signs ($$variable). Variables are extremely flexible and can store nearly all field contents, including container fields.

Add new variable in a script

To add a new variable in a FileMaker script, add the command Set Variable [] to your script, which you can find in the [Control] area.

Set options for variable

Enter a name for your variable under [Name] and define the variable as either local or global. Enter any value for the variable under [Value]. Click the [Specify…] button to open the formula editor. Under [Repetition] you can optionally define the number of repetitions for the new variable.

Add new variable in a formula

In a calculation, you can add variables with the FileMaker command let. The syntax of this command is as follows:

let ( { [ } Var1 = expression1 {; Var2 = expression2... ]} ; arithmetic statement )


  • Var – any Variablesname, local variable name or global variable name (see guidelines for naming variables under Naming fields)
  • expression – any calculationexpression, field or constant
  • calculation statement – any arithmetic expression, field or constant
Parameters in curly brackets { } are optional.
example: SetzenVar ( x=5 ; x*x ) returns 25.

Use variables in path specifications

Variables can be used very well in path specifications, as they can be set up for example in the script command [Import Records].

Specify variable as file path

In these dialog boxes, FileMaker supports specifying files as variables, which allows you to calculate dynamic filenames for importing data.

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