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Customizable ERP software with CRM, inventory management and billing for Apple Mac, PC and iOS

ERP software with CRM, Billing and Product management

gFM-Business ERP software for Mac, PC and iPadWelcome to! We are the developer of the FileMaker platform-based ERP system gFM-Business with integrated CRM, billing and product management for Mac, Windows and Apple iPad. The integrated project management with time recording allows the use as agency software, with the batch management the use is also possible as medical software. The ERP software is available as customizing and open license to customize and enhance custom operations with FileMaker Pro.

For start-up founders, small businesses and freelancers we also offer the basic version gFM-Business Basic as a free freeware billing software with customer administration, inventory management and billing.

News about gFM-Business ERP software & FileMaker

Claris releases FileMaker 19.3 with new features

Claris veröffentlicht FileMaker 19.3Claris today released the updated version FileMaker 19.3 with some new features. The new version is available in Universal Binary and also runs natively on Apple Silicon (M1) processors. On Windows, webviewers now support the Microsoft Edge browser including improved viewing of PDF files. FileMaker Server can now also be installed on Ubuntu Linux. The latest version of the FileMaker Server Admin Console includes a new log viewer for convenient evaluation of log files. The FileMaker Cloud Admin Console has also been enhanced with additional features in FileMaker 19.3. For an overview of all new features, see the FileMaker 19.3 Release Notes and the FileMaker Server 19.3 Release Notes. Claris also presents all the features of the new version in its English-language blog.

gFM-Business 5.3 ERP software released with new features

Today we released our gFM-Business ERP software in updated version 5.3. The new version contains some new functions in the modules billing, article master, correspondence and settings and is now more flexible than ever before. For example, delivery addresses can now be assigned from other contacts in all document types in the “Invoice” module. The software has also been enhanced for use in the trades sector. For example, the item quantity can now also be calculated with a formula or an allowance in all document items. In addition, new fields and free fields are available in the items of all document types. These fields have been integrated into the document history and are transferred to the new document when the document is converted. Item discounts can now also be entered as a gross value; in addition to an item discount, a surcharge can now also be entered per item. gFM-Business 5.3 now optionally supports the automatic generation of item numbers with an individual number range. The new version also includes revisions to the iPad user interface and several other improvements and bug fixes. gFM-Business 5.3 is available for download now, the update is free of charge for all registered owners of a 5.x license. (more…)

Claris has released FileMaker Pro 19.2.2

FileMaker Pro IconClaris has released FileMaker Pro in updated version 19.2.2. The new version includes some new features as well as some changed features. For add-on developers, FileMaker Pro 19.2.2 includes new functions called GetAddoninfo, GetLayoutObjectOwnerInfo, and LayoutObjectUUID. When logging in with OAuth or AD FS, the AccountName and Password fields can now be hidden. For FileMaker plug-in developers, the new Get(InstalledFMPluginsAsJSON ) function is available. The new version includes other improvements to the FileMaker Pro Quick Start preview for creating custom apps. The preview is available in all languages in the new version. Claris has incorporated some improvements and bug fixes related to trackpad usage, crashes on Windows, display issues and some more. An overview of all new features of FileMaker 19.2.2 can be found on the website of Claris website. FileMaker Pro 19.2.2 is available immediately for macOS and Windows from the Download available for download. (more…)

gFM-Business 5.2 released with some new features

We have just released our gFM-Business Light and Professional ERP software in updated version 5.2. The new version contains some new features and bug fixes. With your own sequential numbers, you can implement your own document structures in all billing documents. From now on, budget billing invoices can be generated from an order in the billing document. In the new version, article names and article descriptions can be entered for each article in all available languages in article management. In the “Invoice” module, the document language can now be preset for a document in all document types. Designations and descriptions in article items are inserted into the document in the language preset in the document. In the “Customers” module, the language of a contact can also be preset in the new version. New documents for this customer will then be created in the language preset in the customer. gFM-Business Light and Professional 5.2 are now available for download. All versions of gFM-Business 5 can also be run on the new Apple computers with M1 processor. (more…)

gFM-Business 5.0 with separation of clients and new user interface

The development of the next version 5.0 of the gFM-Business ERP software is progressing. In addition to the new functions presented in one of our previous articles, gFM-Business 5.0 will support the management of any number of clients. For each client, corresponding master data such as address, bank details or company logo can be stored in the settings. In addition to the existing screen masks, gFM-Business 5.0 will have a new user interface to enable different users to view the clients separately.

With the new user interface, all data will be displayed in a master-detail view, which has a list of all the data records called up in the left-hand column and, when an entry is clicked on, displays the detailed data for the selected record directly in the main area. During the development of the new user interface, we made sure that the operation is largely based on the classic user interface to avoid a longer training period for the users. We have also designed the search for data sets according to the same principle as in the classic user interface. (more…)

New version 4.6.2 of gFM-Business ERP software released.

gFM-Business 4.6 ERP-Software for Mac, Windows and iOS

In the past weeks we have released two updates of gFM-Business Light, Professional and Custom Professional to versions 4.6.1 and 4.6.2. The latest update to version 4.6.2 is now available for download for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. The update contains some bug fixes and the [Value Lists] mask in the [Languages] module of the settings, so that all internal value lists in gFM-Business Light and Professional can be edited. (more…)