FileMaker based ERP software for Mac, Windows & iOS

Customizable ERP software with CRM, inventory management and billing for Apple Mac, PC and iOS

ERP software with CRM, Billing and Product management

gFM-Business ERP software for Mac, PC and iPadWelcome to! We are the developer of the FileMaker platform-based ERP system gFM-Business with integrated CRM, billing and product management for Mac, Windows and Apple iPad. The integrated project management with time recording allows the use as agency software, with the batch management the use is also possible as medical software. The ERP software is available as customizing and open license to customize and enhance custom operations with FileMaker Pro.

For start-up founders, small businesses and freelancers we also offer the basic version gFM-Business Basic as a free freeware billing software with customer administration, inventory management and billing.

News about gFM-Business ERP software & FileMaker

Optimal installation of gFM-Business ERP software

gFM-Business ERP-Software optimal installierenThe ERP software gFM-Business, which is based on the FileMaker platform, can be used in many different ways. In the simplest variant, the software is used on a single workstation, which is installed automatically on macOS and Windows with the installation program. On the network, the gFM Business ERP system with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go on the Apple iPad can be used by multiple users simultaneously.

But even the standalone versions can be set up so that they can be used on several computers. Multi-user licenses can also be installed on a FileMaker web server to allow location-independent access to the database. In this article, you will learn how you can optimally use and install the gFM Business ERP software for your purposes. (more…)

BITMi again awards gFM-Business a seal of quality.

Zertifiziert: Software made in GermanyThe Federal association IT middle class registered association. (BITMi) has again awarded the FileMaker-based ERP software gFM-Business for Mac, Windows and iOS with the seal of approval “SOFTWARE MADE IN GERMANY” this year. The industry association thus once again confirms the high practical suitability of the ERP software in daily use.

SOFTWARE MADE IN GERMANY is an initiative of the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand (BITMi e.V.). The BITMi e.V. is the representation of the IT middle class in Germany and the IT professional association, which represents exclusively middle class interests profiliert. As part of the “SOFTWARE MADE IN GERMANY” seal of approval, the ERP software and customer service are extensively tested and evaluated by an expert advisory board in several categories. This includes the development of the software in Germany, constant quality assurance, a clear user interface and a help system as well as fast and uncomplicated customer service. The ERP software gFM-Business passed all criteria during the audit and was awarded the seal of quality in all versions. (more…)

Effectively manage enterprise data with customizable ERP software.

Unternehmensdaten effektiv verwalten mit individueller ERP-SoftwareEvery company works individually according to its own specifications, and they also say “Every company ticks differently”. For this reason, almost all companies accumulate countless Excel spreadsheets and other documents over time, which are often stored in different locations in different directories. Since finished ERP software usually only covers a part of a company’s requirements, the company has no choice but to collect data in this form. With this method of working, however, it is difficult in the long run to keep track of all the data.

At this point, an overall solution can offer an individually adaptable and expandable ERP system. With the FileMaker platform, an outstandingly scalable database system is available for this purpose, with which adaptations can also be managed for non-EDP professionals. With gFM-Business, we offer ERP software with CRM, invoicing and merchandise management that can be adapted to individual requirements within the framework of open or customizing licenses. (more…)

Tip: Use gFM-Business under Windows with Skype as well

The CRM, invoicing and merchandise management system gFM-Business already supports many telephone systems such as Fritz!Box, Siemens Gigaset, STARFACE or TeamCall Direct to dial telephone numbers directly in customer management. Skype or other SIP services are not yet directly supported. However, since gFM Business is based on FileMaker Pro and thus supports regular TAPI commands under Windows, services such as Skype can be used on Windows using other tools and tools with gFM Business. For example, a customer told us that they were successfully using the “PhoneSuite CTI Client Pro” software with gFM-Business and Skype under Windows. The software transfers the TAPI commands from gFM Business to Skype without any problems, so that telephone calls can also be initiated directly from gFM Business via Skype with a mouse click. PhoneSuite CTI Client Professional for Windows can be ordered from the manufacturer. ITecSoft can be purchased at a price of 42.00 Euro plus 19% VAT, and a 30-day trial version is also available for download.

Those who are not in such a hurry can alternatively wait until the next functional update gFM-Business 3.1, which will be released by the end of April 2017 at the latest. The upcoming version gFM-Business 3.1 will include in CRM a direct support of Skype telephony from within the software for macOS and Windows.

Ten tips and tricks for working with gFM-Business.

10 Tipps und Tricks für die Arbeit mit gFM-BusinessSometimes it’s the little things you just have to know to make your daily work with the computer easier. An enterprise software serves to store as much data of the enterprise as possible in a structured way and for this reason usually has a relatively high complexity. In this article we present ten short tips and tricks that will make your work with the FileMaker-based CRM, invoicing and merchandise management system gFM-Business easier.

Open new windows in no time at all while working, call up program functions from different menus, create complex search queries in a simple way, replace data with calculated values in any number of data records simultaneously or create graduated prices with the help of price groups in article management. The tips and tricks in this article will help you work faster and more effectively with gFM-Business. Some of the following tips are universal and can be used in other FileMaker solutions. (more…)

Using gFM business simply on different computers.

The enterprise software gFM-Business is also available as a multi-user license for network sharing. In some cases, however, the software should only be able to be used on different computers without the need for multiple simultaneous accesses to the software. This task can also be easily performed with the single-user licenses of gFM-Business if the different computers each have the same operating system.

gFM-Business to go: In this article we show you how you can set up gFM-Business Free, Basic and Light so that the software can be used on several computers. All you need is an external storage device such as a USB stick, an external hard drive or storage space in a cloud solution. (more…)