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What is a custom function in FileMaker?

A Custom Function in FileMaker is a custom function, which is also called “custom function” in the German FileMaker version. Custom Functions a FileMaker database can be extended by any number of own additional functions. The call of a custom function is done in the formula editor just like any other FileMaker function. Custom Functions can only be created and edited in FileMaker Pro Advanced; calling an existing Custom Function is also possible with FileMaker Pro.

Custom Functions are always valid for the database file in which they were created. In a solution with several FileMaker files, the custom function must be created separately in each file if it is to be used in other files.

Creating a new custom function

To create or edit a custom function, an installed version of FileMaker Pro Advanced is required. The area for creating and editing custom functions is located in the German FileMaker Pro Advanced under the menu item [File > Manage > Custom Functions].

Dialog for creating and editing FileMaker Custom Functions

To edit an existing custom function, simply click on the function and press the [Edit] button or double-click on the desired function. To create a new custom function, the dialog contains the button [New]. In both cases, the editing window for custom functions opens:

Edit FileMaker Custom Function

The field [Function name] contains the name under which the own function can be called in FileMaker. The field [Function parameters] can be used to define any number of parameters for the function, which can be used in the custom function as a basis for calculation.

The example shown above contains a custom function to display a Google Maps map with a function in a Webwiever. The function contains the parameters [Address; City; State; Zip; Zoom], which can be used to pass the address and the desired zoom level for displaying the map to the function.

This function and all other custom functions can now be called and used in any function within the entire FileMaker file.

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