fp7 file format from FileMaker Pro 7 to 11

What is the .fp7 format of FileMaker?

The .fp7 file format is a FileMaker Pro database from FileMaker versions 7 through 11, and FileMaker Pro 7, released in 2004, is a completely new file format that replaced the old .fp5 files. The new .fp7 FileMaker files now support multiple data tables per file and Unicode. While the old .fp5 format could only create file relationships, the new .fp7 format supported relationships between data tables in your own and other files using a graphical relationship graph (Entity Relationship Model).  The maximum file size of databases in the .fp7 format is 8 TB, and a maximum of 2 GB can be stored per field.

Custom Functions and Webviewer

Since FileMaker Pro 8 (2005), the .fp7 format has supported custom functions, which allowed custom functions to be built into FileMaker databases that also support recursive functions. Since FileMaker Pro 8.5 (2006), the .fp7 format also supports web viewer elements that allow web content to be displayed in FileMaker databases.

Conditional formatting and SQL data sources

With FileMaker Pro 9, the .fp7 file format supported conditional formatting for fields and the ability to connect to external data sources using SQL. FileMaker 9 also included several improvements in the script editor.

User interface and sending email via SMTP

FileMaker Pro 10 introduced support for direct emailing via SMTP servers in the .fp7 file format. In addition, FileMaker 10 included new user interface features and offered import and export of tables in Microsoft Excel 12 format.

Quick Find and Charts with FileMaker 11

With FileMaker 11, the .fp7 file format supported chart creation and the new Quick Find feature that allows field contents to be searched based on calculated contents. Diagram generation is not supported in runtime solutions created with FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced.

Conversion to .fmp12 format

FileMaker databases that are in .fp7 format can be converted to the current .fmp12 format using FileMaker 12 through 15. For developers, note that the command [SetzeVars] used in FileMaker 7 through 11 is called in the newer .fmp12 format with the command [SetzeVar].

Conversion service for older FileMaker databases

If you are still using an older FileMaker-database in .fp7 format and would like to change to a more current FileMaker version, we will gladly take over the conversion of the databases or, if necessary, the development of your database on the current FileMaker platform. With interest you take up gladly contact with us.

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