Bank X

Online banking with Bank X for macOS and iOS

Bank X (“Bank Ten”) is an online banking software (home banking) that runs on macOS-based Apple systems. For access to accounts and securities accounts, the software offers all common transfer and security standards such as HBCI with file or chip card, PIN/TAN, iTAN, mTAN, ChipTAN or Sm@artTAN. Bank X enables easy offline processing of transfers and direct debits and the storage of account statements in the software’s database. The online banking software is also available with Bank X Mobile as a version for iOS. 

Bank X Standard and Bank X Professional

Bank X is available in a Standard and Professional version. The standard version already offers all the functions needed to conveniently store account statements and to create and execute transfers and direct debits with all the usual security procedures.

Core functions of Bank X Standard

  • Integrated HBCI module for HBCI banking in all PIN/TAN procedures, with security medium or chip card
  • chipTAN, iTAN, Sma@rtTAN Plus, mTAN, chipTAN optical methods and PhotoTAN are supported by the HBCI module
  • FinTS 3.0 support
  • Retrieving account transactions via the Internet
  • Manage any number of accounts
  • transfers (single and collective transfers)
  • Real date transfers
  • SEPA credit transfers, SEPA collective transfers, SEPA term transfers
  • Support of SEPA-Purpose-Codes. These serve as replacement for the text keys of the old IZV orders
  • SEPA end-to-end reference (E2E-ID) can be specified for SEPA orders
  • Unlimited number of accounting categories
  • Import function for sales
  • Import function for client data
  • Prepaid cards can be topped up
  • Special modules for the support of the BMW and call money accounts of the Santander Bank (only BLZ 31010833).
  • Module for PayPal turnover inquiry
  • Module for the turnover inquiry of DKB credit card accounts
  • Module for the turnover inquiry of LBB credit card accounts




Core functions of Bank X Professional

  • All functions of Bank X Standard
  • Financial overview: the most important data at a glance with trend display
  • International bank transfers (e.g. to the USA or Hong Kong)
  • SEPA direct debits (basic procedure, urgent debits (COR1) and company direct debits)
  • Depot management (both online via HBCI and manually)
  • Automatic sales tax calculation and simple profit/loss statement
  • Diagrams
  • Filter to query specific transactions
  • car bookings
  • Export of the booking data
  • Import of booking lists
  • Can also be used as cash book (e.g. for cash accounts)
  • ELSTER (for turnover tax advance return etc.)
  • role concept (one user can fetch bookings as well as prepare transfers, another one can send them after legitimation).
  • Subsequent application of rules to entries with preview
  • DTA import and export
  • Import and export of SEPA XML files
  • Import and export of MT940 data
  • DATEV export
  • Import of CSV booking data via free additional program
  • AppleScript support
  • Support of bank-managed SEPA direct debits





Interface to Bank X in gFM-Business

The CRM, invoicing and merchandise management system gFM-Business contains an integrated interface to Bank X, which allows account statements from Bank X to be transferred to gFM-Business via clipboard or file. Using the imported accounting data, gFM-Business can automatically search for incoming payments for invoice vouchers and enter them as document payments. To import account statements, a financial account must first be defined in gFM-Business, for which the account statements can be imported. gFM-Business supports the import of account statements from Bank X for any number of accounts. The import sequence for the fields when importing via the clipboard can be adjusted as required in the settings.

Import bank statements from Bank X

All functions of the invoice in gFM-Business

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