Inventory management

The inventory management in gFM-Business

An inventory management serves to record and manage existing company inventory. For each inventory product, various product details can be entered, such as manufacturer and dealer with contact details, location, date of purchase, warranty, details of the invoice document or the purchase price. Many inventory management programs support the entry of further data such as freely definable fields or the storage of media and files for the item.

depreciation and leasing

In an inventory management system, it is often possible to enter information on the depreciation period. The current residual value is automatically calculated in the context of the depreciation, as well as the monthly costs for the product called up. For purchases via leasing, an inventory management often allows the maintenance of corresponding data.

Barcode for identification of articles

Many inventory management programs offer the possibility to generate a barcode for each item, for example to print labels for the items or to scan the item on barcode lists. Barcodes according to the Code39 or QR Code standard are often used for inventory items.

information on the sale of the article

Some inventory management programs also include fields for selling the item if the item is to be sold to a third party at the end of its useful life.

Inventory management within an ERP

Inventory management within the framework of integrated enterprise software (ERP) often offers additional functions such as the creation of an inventory product from the item management or the creation of inventory products from order documents.

Inventory management in gFM-Business

The enterprise software gFM-Business in the versions Light and Professional has an integrated inventory management, which supports all functions mentioned in this article.

Inventory management in the gFM-Business ERP software

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