Starter solution

What is a FileMaker Starter Solution?

For several years, FileMaker Pro (Advanced) has been delivered with a variety of Starter Solutions. A Starter Solution is a small FileMaker database that has a specific functionality and can be customized and extended by the user to meet individual requirements.

A new Starter Solution can be created via the FileMaker menu bar under the item [File > Direct start…]. After selecting this menu item, a direct start window appears in which the following actions can be performed (more…)


What is a table in FileMaker?

In FileMaker, a table is used to store data in any number of fields. You can create as many tables as you want in a FileMaker database. The creation of new tables is done under the menu command [Store > Manage > Database] under the tab [Tables]. Read more >>>

Value list

What is a value list in FileMaker?

A value list in the FileMaker environment is a list of values that can be used within the FileMaker solution, for example in drop-down lists, pop-up menus or checkboxes. A value list can consist of either predefined static values or dynamic values generated from the database itself. The definition of value lists in FileMaker is done under the menu item [File > Manage > Value lists]. Read more >>>


What is a variable in FileMaker?

A variable in FileMaker databases is an element in the Calculation or Script Editor that can be used to temporarily store data. A variable is identified by the dollar sign $. FileMaker distinguishes between local and global variables, with local variables being identified by one dollar sign ($variable) and global variables by two dollar signs ($$variable). Variables are extremely flexible and can store nearly all field contents, including container fields. (more…)


What is FileMaker WebDirect?

WebDirect is a technology that allows FileMaker databases to run in a web browser without any additional client software. WebDirect replaces previous Instant Web Publishing, was first released on the FileMaker 13 platform, and has been continually improved and expanded ever since.  (more…)

Zoom level

What is the zoom level in FileMaker?

In FileMaker databases, screen masks and data can be displayed at different zoom levels. For this purpose, there are corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen, where the current zoom level is also displayed. Read more >>>