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What is Layoutmode in FileMaker?

In FileMaker, the Layout mode is one of four display modes: Browse mode, Layout mode, Find mode, and Preview mode. This mode is used to create and edit layouts in FileMaker. You can access Layout mode in FileMaker with the menu command [View > Layout mode] or with the shortcut key [strg/cmd-L]. You cannot edit records in layout mode, only layout objects. To set object properties, the Inspector can be opened with the menu command [View > Inspector].

View: Layoutmode

In Layout mode, all objects are displayed as frames only; in the menu bar, you can choose [View > Fade In] to specify which object information is displayed on the layout. This includes buttons, sample data, text and field borders, objects to be aligned, objects not to be printed, popup buttons, merge text, hide condition, conditional formatting, script trigger, quick find, and tooltip. For these items, corresponding symbols can be shown or hidden on each object.

Layout mode in FileMaker

Tools in Layout Mode

Toolbar in Layout modeFileMaker provides a variety of tools in Layout mode to create and edit objects on a layout. For this purpose, there is a toolbar in the upper area of the window which contains the following tools:

Selection Tool (used to select and scale objects on a layout)

  • Text tool(For creating text fields and placeholders on a layout)
  • Line tool (Creates a line on a layout)
  • Shaping tools (Creates a rectangle, rounded rectangle or ellipse on a layout)
  • Field/Control Tool (Used to insert fields on a layout. This tool can also be used to directly create drop-down lists, pop-up menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down calendars or encrypted input fields on the layout)
  • Key or Pop-up Key Tool (Inserts a key or pop-up key on a FileMaker layout)
  • Button tool (inserts a button/navigation bar on a layout)
  • Cut tool (Inserts a cutout on a layout)
  • Diagram tool (Inserts a diagram on a layout)
  • Web Viewer tool (inserts a web viewer on a layout)
  • Field tool(Opens a selection window for inserting one or more fields on a layout)
  • Range tool (Inserts a new range on a layout)
  • Transfer format(Transfers the format of another object to the selected object)






Layout areas

A layout in a FileMaker database can consist of multiple parts. When you create a new layout, FileMaker inserts a header, data area, and footer by default. FileMaker allows you to define the following areas on a layout:

  • Upper Navigation (area for upper navigation where a button bar can be placed)
  • Header 1st page (header area of the first page, mostly used in print layouts with several pages, where the header of the first page should be different from the header of all other pages)
  • Header area (header area, applies to all pages)
  • Preceding overall result (area for displaying a preceding overall result, e.g. via statistics fields)
  • data area (area for displaying data from FileMaker)
  • intermediate result, if sorted by (range for a conditional intermediate result that is calculated when Dat

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