Print layouts in gFM-Business

In the business software gFM-Business, a print layout is a layout intended for the print output of any data. In gFM-Business all print layouts are located in the separate FileMaker file [gFM_Drucklayouts.fmp12]. When updating the software, print layouts can therefore in most cases simply be taken over from the previous version. Read more >>>

Enterprise software

What is an enterprise software?

The term Enterprise software is generally used to describe software products that can be used to support certain processes in companies. A typical enterprise software as ERP contains modules for customer management (CRM), address management, document management and administration of correspondence, a module for invoicing of receipts, an article management and possibly further modules, possibly also modules adapted to the processes of the enterprise. Read more >>>

External data sources

What are external data sources in FileMaker?

In FileMaker, an external data source is defined as a database that comes from external sources, such as another FileMaker file or an ODBC data source. Any number of external data sources can be defined for each FileMaker database, from which new tables can be added later in the Database Administration under [Relationships]. The setup of external data sources is done under the menu command [File > Define > External data sources]. Read more >>>

Favorite buttons

Favorite buttons in gFM-Business

On each screen, up to five favorite buttons can be defined for each user in the function bar of the gFM-Business enterprise software, whereby it is possible to define different favorite buttons for each user. Favourite buttons are used to execute frequently used functions with a single click and no longer have to be selected via the function menu of the main function.<!–more Read more >>>->

Setting up the root favorites

Under the menu item [Settings > Appearance > Buttons] all root favorites can be defined. All favorite buttons set here are automatically applied to the user settings when a new user is created. To define a button as a favorite button, click on the desired button in the desired mask and select a function to be executed with the button.

Settings-Favorite button root

Setting up the Favorite buttons for users

Under the menu item [Settings > User > Buttons] all favorite buttons of a user can be defined. To define a button as a favorite button for a user, first select the user for whom the favorite button is to be set up under [Current user]. Then click on the desired button in the desired mask and select a function to be performed with the button. As soon as the user logs on to gFM-Business, the corresponding favorites button appears on the specified screen.

Setting up favorites buttons for users

FileMaker Cloud

What is the FileMaker Cloud?

With the release of the FileMaker 15 platform, FileMaker launched the new “FileMaker Cloud” service in the USA and Canada. With FileMaker Cloud, it is possible to share FileMaker databases over the internet and access them from any location. The shared databases can be accessed with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go via WebDirect with an internet browser. As technical basis for this service FileMaker uses Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since March 2017 FileMaker Cloud is also available in Germany using the Amazon data center in Frankfurt. (more…)

FileMaker Go

What is FileMaker Go?

FileMaker Go is an app that opens FileMaker databases in iOS on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. FileMaker Go can open files locally or over the network hosted on the network with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server. FileMaker Go does not support FileMaker plug-ins because they are not supported in the mobile version. Database development is reserved for the desktop versions of FileMaker Pro for Mac and Windows and is not possible with FileMaker Go. (more…)

FileMaker Plugin

What is a FileMaker Plugin?

FileMaker Pro has had an interface for plug-ins that extend the functionality of FileMaker for more than a decade. Plug-ins provide new functions in FileMaker that can be called in the Formula Editor under the heading “External Functions”. The handling for the developer corresponds thereby to that of any normal other FileMaker function. Read more >>>


What is the .fmp12 format of FileMaker?

FileMaker Pro 12 was released in Spring 2012, replacing the old .fp7 format from FileMaker 7 through 11 with the new .fmp12 format. FileMaker Pro 12 includes a completely new layout engine that is now based on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This technology makes it possible to change the entire design of a database with one command. To match this feature, FileMaker provides a total of 40 design themes, some of which are optimized for use with iOS. In .fmp12 format, the previous container fields are replaced by container fields, which now also support Drag & Drop. FileMaker Pro 12 also supports the query of FileMaker databases via SQL command. Read more >>>