Agency software

What is an agency software?

An Agency software enables advertising agencies and other agencies to clearly arrange and manage all company data such as projects, contacts or accounting documents in a structured way. In most cases, the aim is to support recurring work processes (workflows) as optimally as possible through the agency software, thereby saving time and reducing costs

By storing all contacts and related actions in a structured history, agency software can improve communication with customers and the quality of services. In an agency software, all stored data such as contacts, addresses, offers, invoices, documents, projects and many other data can be linked to each other, for example to assign customers or services to projects or services. In this way, even complex data structures can be easily managed and edited.

Agency software is a classic area for FileMaker-based software that runs on Mac, Windows and, for some years now, mobile devices running iOS. Agency software based on the FileMaker platform is used by advertising agencies, PR agencies, design and marketing agencies.

Functions of an agency software

An agency software is usually modular and in many cases consists of the following modules:

  • CRM and contact management (administration of customers, addresses, contact persons, follow-ups, etc.)
  • Invoicing and merchandise management (accounting documents, cash book, banking, SEPA)
  • Article management (management of physical and service articles)
  • Time recording (recording of services on customer and employee level)
  • Project management (planning and administration of any projects in connection with other data from the agency software)
  • Time management (calendar with appointment management and reminder functions)
  • Document management (administration of digital and paper documents)
  • Interfaces (e.g. DATEV, SEPA, online banking, telephone system, scanner)
  • Statistics and evaluations (company and customer-related statistics and evaluations)

The flexibility of agency software can vary from product to product. Most available programs offer at least one individualization of the software in the form of company-related master data and the storage of your own company logo or letterhead. Some programs also offer the complete individualization of all print layouts or even the possibility to adapt and extend the entire software.

gFM-Business as agency software

The business software gFM-Business contains all the above mentioned functions and modules to be used as agency software. The software is based on the FileMaker platform and runs on Mac, Windows and Apple iOS. In all versions of gFM-Business, print layouts can be fully edited, customized and extended using FileMaker Pro. The software can be used on a single workstation and in a network with multiple users.

Project management in gFM-Business

Projektverwaltung in gFM-Biusiness

Time recording, billing of services

Zeiterfassung, Abrechnung von Dienstleistungen

gFM-Business is also available as a customizing and open license to adapt the software to individual operating procedures. With gFM-Business Custom, the buyer has the option of customising screen masks and list views to suit his own requirements. The open licence includes an administrator account with which the entire software can be adapted and extended according to individual specifications.

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