Customer management

What is customer management?

With a Customer management system customers, suppliers and other contacts can be stored, edited and managed. A customer administration is also called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and contains many other functions around the administration of contacts and addresses

In addition to addresses, a customer administration can often store and manage contact persons, routes, services, projects and many other company data about a customer. In order to be able to manage company-specific data, freely definable fields are often available in a customer administration. Customer data can usually be exported in various formats. Some programs for customer administration offer further interfaces such as to external address books and calendars or to online shops.

Central customer administration for various tasks

A customer administration usually works in conjunction with other modules such as merchandise management, invoicing and article management. From a customer management system, quotations and invoices can be written and orders entered, letters and serial letters or e-mails can be sent to individual customers or customer groups, or services performed for a customer can be entered. Often, various specifications can be entered in a customer data record, which are used when creating new documents (for example, automatic entry of a customer’s VAT ID or VAT rate in a document).

A good customer management supports the sales department in all daily tasks. In addition to managing all master data, it should be possible to store several addresses, contact persons, files and important documents for each customer. Every contact with the customer can be documented in an action chronicle. For service providers, the software includes a time recording for the billing of services.

The gFM-Business ERP software contains all modules mentioned above and runs under Mac OS X, Windows and Apple iPad. For gFM-Business, interfaces to shopware, WooCommerce and Gambio GX3-based online shops are available to manage customers, orders and articles, also in conjunction with an online shop. gFM-Business contains all the customer management functions already mentioned and many more functions.

Kunden verwalten mit einem Warenwirtschaftssystem

Automatic assignment of e-mails and correspondence

The e-mail client integrated in the gFM Business ERP software automatically assigns incoming e-mails to existing contacts if the sender’s address matches an address or contact person. In addition, further e-mail addresses can be noted for each customer, according to which incoming e-mails are to be assigned automatically.

Recording and managing customers in CRM from gFM-Business

The customer management integrated in gFM-Business offers a wide range of functions to manage customers, suppliers and interested parties in one module in a clearly arranged way. In the following video you will learn how to enter and manage contacts in gFM-Business.

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