Batch management

Batch management is used for the article-related storage of goods deliveries in order to be able to trace the delivery and, if necessary, the expiry date of an article back to the document item. A batch is marked with a unique number (LOT no.) and can contain any number of article items. For medical technology companies, the traceability of all goods from the application on the patient back to the raw material is an essential requirement of ISO 13485:2016. Thus, all purchased materials and products must always be marked with the respective batch number and this number must be traceable in case of product recalls or searches.

requirements for batch management

  • Order: An order is placed without further requirements for batches or expiration date
  • Receipt of goods: When the order is delivered and the goods are booked in, the batch number (LOT no.) and optionally the expiry date will also be indicated. For this purpose, a new batch can be created or an existing batch can be used.
  • Stock: For stock entries, the batch number (LOT number) and the expiration date are always taken into account.
  • Order creation: For orders, a delivery is assembled from as few batches as possible, ideally one batch per item. If several batches are used, the principle “First in First out” applies, whereby the oldest goods are entered preferentially.
  • Invoice: On an invoice, the batch number is mentioned for each article item.

Tracking and research

A search function is available for traceability, which lists when which batch was purchased and delivered where and where which batch was delivered to in which quantities. Optionally, a separate, internal number range can be created for the batch numbers or the batch numbers of the supplier can be reused. If a separate number range is used, it must be possible to establish a reference to the supplier’s batch number in order to guarantee the above-mentioned research.

Batch management in the gFM-Business ERP software

Since version 3.6, gFM-Business contains an integrated batch management that fulfills all the above mentioned criteria. gFM-Business supports the management of any number of batches, which can contain any number of articles. Batches have their own number range, which is counted automatically and can be defined in the settings under [Preferences]. For batch numbers the following barcodes can be generated automatically: CODE11, CODE39, CODE128, DataMatrix, EXCODE39, PDF417, PHARMA, PZN, QRCODE, UPCA, UPCE.


Batch management under [Article - Batches]

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